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Kenny The Clown: CT, MA, & RI Balloon Twister Extraordinaire!


Kenny the Clown has been with Kaleidoscope since the beginning. We know there are lots of reason to have a clown at your event–and lots of reasons not to! Kenny’s outfit, act, attitude, and everything about him has been thought about and planned to create an awesome experience for all of your party guests: from one to 101 years old!

We’ve had a lot of questions about Kenny and with the National Clown Shortage going on (yes, that’s a thing), we figured we’d address some of them.

Is he good with kids?

Kenny is a certified teacher who graduated from CCSU and has been working with kids for over 10 years. Because of this training, Kenny engages children at an age-appropriate level: from slapsticks for toddlers to witty jokes for middle schoolers. Kenny is in his late 20’s and is also great with adult guests, knows all of the latest super hero movies, and can talk about Disney princesses for hours.

The biggest difference with Kenny and other clowns, as you’ll see, is that he understands children on a professional level and his modern act and appearance is not only fun, but engages kids in a way they understand.

What does he do?

Kenny describes his role at you party as a “stand up comedian for kids”. Kenny primarily twists balloons, from headbands to giant animals to fun swords and wands. But as he makes his way through your event, he will keep kids laughing and laughing! Everything from how he blows up balloons to how he presents them to kids is fun–his act also involves some slapstick and a hint of magic. Anything to keep kids watching him and smiling.

Kenny doesn’t have a stand-up routine or gather-and-watch act. He’s a live part of your party, and will keep everyone smiling the whole time here’s there!

What does his outfit look like?

Have you heard of coulrophobia before? Clown phobias are a real thing. Big white faces, weird red lips, curly-maybe-balding hair… it’s not something a lot of people are comfortable with!

So instead of giant feet, a mask of paint, or that weird hobo-with-a-rainbow-afro look, Kenny looks more like someone kids might know. He still has a colorful outfit, neon shoes, patchy pants, and a touch of makeup. But instead of clown-shoes, it’s rainbows sneakers; instead of a giant-fake-wig, he wears a colorful beanie or fedora; instead of a giant-ball-of-plastic on his nose, he adds a bright touch of red. Throw in a plaid collared shit and some fingerless gloves, and Kenny’s outfit will stand out at your party while not being so alien kids are afraid to approach him. It’s a great mix of traditional clowning and modern silliness!

A note about special needs.

Because Kenny is a certified teacher and is proudly Irish-Puerto Rican, he not only has professional experience working with children who have developmental disabilities, but can entertain in both English and Spanish. You can read more about how Kaleidoscope serves families with special needs in CT, MA, and RI here.



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