June 5, 2015 kscope

Super Hero parties are one of the most popular themes of the year for any age or gender. The reasons most companies don’t offer super hero performers are a little less than obvious:

  • Expensive fiberglass costumes make heroes a pretty expensive entertainment–out of the budget of most birthday parties
  • Kids interact with heroes the ways they’ve seen them interacted with. (Which, unfortunately, means they usually try to fight the heroes.)
  • Costumes that involve masks make it hard to interact with children in the same way our princesses do.

So, instead of simply sending a costumed character to your party, we’ve put together a super-fun package for any super hero party: Build Your Own Hero! For the same budget as sending in a super hero (if not less) we have a special package for all of our favorite little heroes and villains:


March 16, 2015 kscope

Unique entertainment is our specialty–but what do you do when your kids get too old for traditional face painting and balloon twisting? In the hundreds of parties our face painters and balloon twisters have performed at, we’ve noticed after age 10 or so parents tend to forego entertainment since the kids are less interested, which can often lead to a pack of excited tweens tearing up their house with not much else to do!


August 22, 2014 kscope

Face Painting and Balloon Twisting is now available in Rhode Island!

A big thank-you is due to all of our amazing family- and corporate-clients for recommending our business to everyone they know. Although we never expected to grow big enough to service all of Southern New England, as of this September we officially will be!

Although Kaleidoscope has had our artists previously travel to Rhode Island for events over 4hrs long, we will now be doing birthday parties as well, no matter how small! We’re excited to be bringing on some amazing new Barrington-based artists for both face painting and balloon twisting.

Here is the full list of towns we now service in Rhode Island and Southern MA with face painting and balloon twisting without any travel fee!