June 14, 2024 kscope

At Kaleidoscope, we’re obsessed with fall!

If you’re booking an event this fall, please ask us about our seasonal face painting and balloon twisting menus.

These special autumn menus have a variety of options including both seasonal motifs (like pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, and foxes) as well as Halloween designs (like ghosts, bats, monsters, candy corn, and jack-o’-lanterns).

Just make sure to specify if you’d like our normal year-round menus or special holiday menus at the time of booking.

(Please note, that we are not currently able to customize any of our tattoo products to the season.)

April 12, 2023 kscope

Looking for country club event entertainment ideas? Kaleidoscope has been helping private clubs create perfect parties since 2013, and with our extensive list of entertainers for hire, your club can boost membership value and engagement all year long.

Here are some of our favorite ways to captivate your members and help you create events unlike anywhere else.


January 31, 2023 kscope

December is one of the busiest months in the events industry, and every year our artists entertain at dozens of Hannukah events in synagogues, homes, daycares, and Hebrew / Jewish day schools.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite entertainment ideas that we’ve helped clients dream up for their Hannukah party, and we hope this list can inspire you to come up with a truly unique event this holiday season!

Lean into the Festival of Lights

Our normal holiday menus for face painting and balloon twisting have Hanukkah, Christmas, and secular winter designs that they bring to large events all December long–so if you hire any of our artists they’ll have special designs for Hanukkah.

But for parties that are specifically for Jewish families, we love bringing in UV face painting and LED balloon twisting! Our artists can create all sorts of things that kids will love at your event that will literally glow throughout the night! (And you can either provide your own blacklights or rent them from us at a discounted rate whenever you order a UV or LED package.)

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant (and for all ages), glitter looks also add a special sparkle to any nighttime event. We’ve seen these paired with disco ball-like mirror decorations to transform an entire recreational room into a sea of glimmering magic!

Winter Holiday Face Painting & Balloon Twisting

If you want classic face painting and balloon twisting, all of our holiday menus (which we bring to every event) come with designs for Hanukkah, Christmas, and secular winter. Our goal is to make sure no one feels left out during the winter holiday season, no matter what event they’re attending!

When you invite us to your Hanukkah event (or see us out in public), we look forward to celebrating Hanukkah with Jewish guests!

Try our Fan Favorites

And if you want some classic party entertainment, we have plenty of other ideas that are great for any type of family event!

Caricatures are perfect for organizations that want to commemorate an occasion. Our artists can draw any couple or family and include “Hanukkah 2028” (or whichever year) right on the drawing.

If you’re on a budget, temporary tattoos are also really fun! Artists can get through around double the guests than they can with face painting or balloon twisting, so if you’re looking for something special that doesn’t break the bank, it’s a great budget entertainment idea. (Glitter tattoos and flash tattoos are especially fitting for The Holiday of Lights!)

Want to create Something Custom?

Just ask our office for a quote and check any boxes you want pricing for. We’d love to put together something special for you!

And if you’re looking for additional holiday entertainment, check out our line of holiday entertainment!



January 31, 2023 kscope

Purim is a joyous holiday celebrated worldwide to commemorate the Jewish people’s salvation from extermination in ancient Persia. It’s a day of celebration, feasting, and merriment, with festivities including costume parties, parades, and carnivals. To add more fun to the celebration, why not consider incorporating face painting and balloon twisting into your Purim activities?

Face painting is a great way to get into the Purim spirit. Children and adults alike can enjoy having their faces painted with bright colors and festive designs.

With our full face painting packages (10-12 kids an hour), you can transform yourself into a favorite character from the Purim story, like Queen Esther or King Ahasuerus, just by adding a festive mask or crown. Want something unexpected? Ask for a hamantaschen!

Balloon twisting is another classic form of entertainment for kids and can be tailored to fit the theme of Purim.

When you order our full balloon twisting package (10-12 kids an hour) balloon artists can create various Purim-themed items such as masks, swords, and crowns!

And of course, with both face painting and balloon twisting, kids who come in their own unique costumes can get something that matches what they’re wearing–whether that’s an animal, superhero, mermaid, or anything else they can dream up.

On a budget for a large event? Our artists also offer Speedy Faces and Simple Balloons, which include simple designs outside of a Purim theme but can entertain 20-25 kids per hour per artist.

Here are some examples of the differences in our full design packages and speedy/simple design packages:

Our face painters and balloon twisters come dressed as regular people to entertain at your Purim. But if you want to add that extra level of excitement, ask our office about pricing to have them dressed as costumed characters. If your Purim has a theme, our artists can dress to match! And if you just want some extra costumes, we have pirates, mermaids, clowns, fairies, and more that can come not only provide your guests with amazing art, but make your event feel more festive!

And finally, we love caricatures for Purim because not only are they great for all ages (including teens who might be too cool to dress up) but our artists can draw everyone in their costumes for the year!

We’d love to come make your next Purim event one to remember!

(And if you’re going to be looking for Hanukkah or Bar/Bat Mitzvah ideas, we have you covered too!)

And if you’re looking for additional holiday entertainment, check out our line of holiday entertainment!



June 3, 2019 kscope

Stilt walkers are a festive addition to any event! With colorful costumes and big personalities, they can totally change the atmosphere of any party they entertain at.

Stilt walkers are great for:

  • Greeting guests in a driveway, main road, or parking lot
  • Indoor events as long as the ceiling are 10′ or taller
  • Balloon twisting
  • Giving away products at booths, trade shows, grand openings, or corporate events


July 1, 2015 kscope

Henna is a traditional South Asian body art form that is applied on hands, feet, or anywhere else in gorgeous patterns. Our artists can come with pre-made designs, or take requests! This is one of the most popular things we offer for small parties for teens and adults.