June 6, 2011 kscope

There are plenty of big fans of caricatures who collect their portraits from different artists at theme parks, beaches, or events all over their state or the country–but for everyone else, check out our gallery and this handy guide to some of our most frequently asked questions!

What are caricatures?

(They’re pronounced care-ih-cah-chures!) Caricatures are silly family portraits, awesome event keepsakes, and customized works of art! Let our caricature artists explain some more!

Why choose caricatures in CT, MA, or RI?

They’re keepsakes everyone will love, they’re better than goodie bags or photo booths, and they’re perfect for all ages! Check out why our best clients love them here.

What does the final product look like?

All of our artists are professionally trained to create fun, silly portraits of your guests. And to keep the lines moving quickly, all caricatures at Kaleidoscope are done in black marker without color and include just the guest’s head.

All artists have their own style (you can see the family below drawn at the same event by 2 different artists), and the gallery above shows you what you can expect!

What else should you know?

We love making sure our clients are prepared. For corporate clients, know that these WILL be the smash hit of your event. (Corporate clients, read more here.) For private parties, including birthdays, check out our tips and tricks to make sure your caricature event runs smoothly.

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