Kaleidoscope was started in 2013 by three lifelong friends and working artists who decided to pool their talents, but our story starts over a decade earlier.

In 2000, Jessica and Marissa met in elementary school when Jess moved into the neighborhood where Marissa was living. Marissa went outside to play in the snow to see Jess building a snow fort, and thought it looked like fun.

Then in 2008, Kenny and Marissa met at Central Connecticut State University, when he walked into the first Art Club meeting of the fall semester. He saw a very nervous freshman sitting in the corner and introduced himself to Marissa.

By 2011, Jessica was singing professionally in wedding bands and working as a party princess. Kenny was entertaining as a clown. Marissa was just beginning her face-painting career. Kenny and Jess were introduced to each other by Marissa, and the three of them got lunch together.

The rest is history.


Jess now with her sons


Jessica is the person you’ll speak to first when you contact us.

She began her event entertainment career in 2011 singing in wedding bands.

In our office, she takes care of all of our bookings, invoicing, and customer service. She’s the most “front-facing” part of our office team.

On events, she was one of our original princess entertainers, although now she primarily focuses on bubble magic and temporary tattoos.

Outside of work, Jess is a mom and runs a local book club.

Learn more about Jess here.

Jess in 2013 as a princess before an event in Cambridge, MA



Marissa now, in a photo shoot for her mentalism packages


Marissa is the person you’ll speak to About the technical logistics of an event.

She began her event entertainment career in 2011 as a freelance face painter.

In our office, she trains, equips, and supports our artists so they can do their best work. She knows all of our packages the best, as she has likely helped build them all. She’s the most “back-facing” part of our office team.

On events, she is a visual artist at heart and loves face painting and caricatures, but primarily focuses on paint nights and mentalism at this stage in her career.

Outside of work, Marissa loves to garden and spend time outdoors.

Learn more about Marissa here.

Marissa in 2013 showing off some body painting at Art Space art gallery in Hartford, CT



Kenny now, face painting on an event


Kenny is the person you’ll most likely see at your event.

He began his entertainment career in 2008 as a freelance clown.

In our office, Kenny actually spends most *out* of the office and has worked more events than anyone at Kaleidoscope. He mentors newer artists, provides tons of encouragement, and is our most requested artist with over 1,000 events under his belt in his career.

On events, he is best known for his work as a comedy magician and clown, but is always innovating with new packages like foam parties and science shows.

Outside of work, Kenny is also a visual artist who takes private commissions for custom paintings.

Learn more about Kenny here.

Kenny in 2013 at one of Kaleidoscope’s first corporate events at Foxwoods, Ledyard, CT