The Bubble Show: Magic and Science Together for CT, MA, RI

June 24, 2011 kscope

Kaleidoscope’s Bubble Show is now available for parties all of CT, MA, RI, NH, VT, and ME! Our performers will combine real science and plenty of fun magic tricks to entertain guests of all ages.

About the Bubble Show

Guests are invited to join Dr. Bubble’s on her scientific and magical journey to create the world’s biggest bubble! Through hypothesis, experiments, and plenty of magical tricks, the audience will learn about what makes a bubble, what shape a bubble is, what’s inside a bubble, and how to change a bubble’s size.

The primary goal of the bubble show is entertainment, and it’s through comedy, story telling, and dazzling bubbles that Dr. Bubbles will help the audience explore the following concepts:

  • How to form a hypothesis from previous knowledge
  • How to test a hypothesis with controls and variables
  • Why it’s ok (and even good) to make mistakes in science
  • States of matter (liquid, solid, gas)
  • Air pressure and surface tension

That said, the Bubble Show is not a science show nor a magic show–it’s a mix of both!

  1. If you want pure magic, we suggest you check out our magicians.
  2. If you want pure science, we suggest you check out our silly science show.
  3. And if you want even more bubbles, we suggest you throw a soapy-dance-party with our foam parties!

the Bubble Photo Booth

After guests watch the bubble show and have discovered the world’s biggest bubble, Dr. Bubbles will set up a station where everyone can climb into the bubble to take a photo themselves.

The bubble photo booth is an original photo booth idea for events looking for an activity station for kids or something fun and memorable for the whole family.

Please note, the photo booth does not come with a photographer.

Bubble Free Play

Dr. Bubbles will set up an “experimentation station” free play are for kids who want to get their hands on bubbles after the show! The bubble free play station comes with:

  • 2 bubble blowing machines
  • A dozen bubble wands of different shapes and colors
  • Several gallons of professional-grade bubble fluid
  • Dr. Bubbles who will lead the free play area

We recommend the bubble free play station for kids ages 2-10, although it can be enjoyed by all ages. There are enough supplies for about 10 children at at times.

bubble Show FAQ

Is The Bubble Show good for Schools?

Yes! The bubble show was created with schools, daycares, and camps in mind with the goal of mixing entertainment and education by a former classroom teacher on our office staff.

The show is not a supplement for a classroom experience, and doesn’t come with worksheets or tangible lessons.  But by the end, kids should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What are bubbles made from?
  2. What’s inside a bubble?
  3. Is a bubble always a sphere? Why?
  4. How do you change the size of a bubble?

The bubble show does NOT include:

  1. Any math
  2. Any textbook materials

Is the bubble liquid safe?

Yes! Our bubble mix is free from any products containing latex, soy, animal products, tree nuts, peanuts, fragrance, or any other common allergen (since everyone will likely end up with a few splashes of it).

The ingredients of our bubble fluid are:

  • 75% Distilled water
  • 24% Dawn dish soap
  • 0.1% Baking soda
  • 0.1% J Lube, a water-based agricultural lubricant consisting of 25% polyethylene polymer (polyethylene oxide) and 75% dispersing agent (sucrose)

The small amount of bubble liquid is as safe for skin, eyes, lawns, or carpets as Dawn dish soap is.

can we host the bubble show indoors or outdoors?

The bubble show will make a small mess, and the liquid is extremely slippery.

Our bubble entertainers will also provide some towels for the space local to the show/stations, as well as an OSHA-grade non-slip matt for the bubble photo booth.

However, to truly create a safe bubble show, our bubble packages can only be performed under certain conditions.

  • INDOORS on carpeted surfaces
  • OUTDOORS  on lawns, black tops, or outdoor flooring
  • ON A STAGE of any type. (Show only; the bubble photo booth and play station must be on carpet or outdoors on lawns or black tops.)

Some examples of perfect set ups include:

  • Carpeted hotel ballrooms
  • Rented venues or conference centers with carpeted floors
  • Outdoors under gazebos, tents, or garages
  • Outdoors in a backyard under the shade of some trees
  • Outdoors on large decks or patios
  • Sports fields with astroturf

If you book an outdoor event, we can accommodate a change of venue with 12hrs advance or can reschedule your event with 24hrs notice. However, we are unable to hold any rain dates at this time.


Can we schedule the Bubble Photo Booth before the bubble show?

The grand finale of the bubble show is to create the world’s biggest bubble, which is exactly the bubble we use during the photo booth. Because of this, the show doesn’t make sense if guests have already seen the world’s largest bubble before the show’s plot begins.

At this time, the bubble show needs to be scheduled before the bubble photo booth or play station.

Do all of the kids have a chance to stand in the bubble Photo Booth?

When booking the photobooth, we suggest scheduling up to 15 children per 15min  of time. That way, there should be enough time for every child. For groups over 45 children we suggest booking multiple bubble entertainers to run multiple booths at once.A toddler watches a bubble show, looking a performer make a bubble that is larger than she is

The photo booth is an add-on to the bubble show, and does not come separetly.

Please note that our current model of photo booth we have was created for children (or small adults) who are under 5’5″ and can fit in a circle 20″ in diameter to freely step into.

We are currently looking for a bubble photo booth that can accommodate teens and adults of different sizes or who use mobility aids. At this time however, we are unable to manufacture something large enough for this.


Do You play any Games in the Play station?

Our play station is built to be a free play station without rules, contests, winners, or losers. After the show, most kids just want to get their hands on the bubbles to play (and we can’t blame them!)

Dr. Bubbles will be at the station however, so if kids want to chat or play games with Dr. Bubbles, they are able to.

However, if you want structured games, check out our toddler packages.

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