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Although we love art entertainment like face painting and balloon twisting, we recognize that “art stations” aren’t right for every party.

Kaleidoscope is proud to offer a huge selection of shows and experiences for your upcoming event, no matter what your venue, guests’ age range, or entertainment goal.

Take a look at what we have to offer, and follow the links to learn more!

Magic Shows

Kaleidoscope is New England’s only creative entertainment agency that hosts it’s own variety of magic shows. You can take a look at all of our magicians here, and the shows that we currently have for you to choose from are:

  • 1h Kids Comedy Extravaganza with Kenny (ages 2-tween)
  • 30min Kids Comedy Magic with Kenny (ages 2-tween)
  • 30min and 60min Victorian classical magic with James (ages 2-102)
  • Santa’s Magic show with James (ages 2-102)
  • 30min Kids Magic Show with Dominique or Alexis (ages 2-10)

See all of our magicians here.

Science Show

If magic isn’t your style, our Silly Science Show with Kenny is an amazing alternative!

Created for elementary schoolers, the science show features just as many laughs and cool tricks as Kenny’s famous comedy magic shows, but uses the scientific method to inspire curiosity about how the world works.

For kids who want to get more hands’ on, the Silly Science Show also comes with a slime lab, perfect for ages 4-14!

Learn more about the science show here.

Bubble Show

Can’t decide between magic and science? Our bubble show is a fantastic mix of both!

From the science of how bubbles are made to the magic of what they can do, our bubble show will captivate ages 2-teen with it’s hypnotic tricks and mystery.

Learn more about the bubble show here.

Foam Parties

Foam parties are best described as “a dance party in an outdoor bubble bath!” From pre-schools to summer camps to huge corporate events to tiny birthday parties, they are truly one of the coolest and most unique types of entertainment we offer.

Foam parties are amazing for all ages, and our office would love to work with you to customize your guests’ experiences.

Learn more about foam parties here.

Paint Parties

Looking to show your employees, tenants, club members, students, or guests you truly appreciate them? Arty Party paint nights are one of our most elevated experiences. Ranging from 90min – 2hrs, our talented paint party instructors will come to any location in New England and host a custom paint night for you.

Paint parties are perfect for tweens, teens, and adults. Please note this is not a kids’ craft station or a babysitting alternative but is best suited for ages 12+.

Paint parties make a great alcohol-alternative party for your school or corporate event, or feel free to serve guests libations as they sip and paint. Either way, the event WILL sell out and be one of your most popular events of the year!

Learn more about paint parties here.

Strolling Magic

Looking for a magical alternative to a seated stage-show? Our strolling magicians can wander through any crowd and entertain them one-on-one in a hands-on experience they won’t forget!

Our strolling magic options are:

  • Clowning-around with Kenny (magic, gags, and juggling–perfect for kids and families)
  • Victorian classical magic with James (cards, coins, ropes, and rings–perfect for all ages)
  • Enchanted magical objects with Alexis (precious metals, wooden boxes, and magical rings–perfect for all ages)
  • Mentalism and mind reading with Marissa (crystals, essential oils, and tarot–perfect for teens and adults)

See all of our magicians here.

Circus Camp Classes

Want something more educational?

Don’t let our artists have all the fun–let us teach your guests the arts of balloon twisting, juggling, and magic! From elementary schoolers through senior citizens, our circus camp classes will have everyone at your event clowning around.

Circus camp classes are best done in groups of 10-15 and can be done in “waves” for summer camps or libraries who want to stick to a schedule. Depending on the number of guests per wave, we may suggest longer or shorter time frames, or teach more or fewer concepts.

Learn more about circus camp classes here.

October 4, 2022 kscope
Clients looking to hire a magician for their upcoming event normally have two options: strolling magic or a magic show.
We asked our resident magicians Kenny and James (as well as our booking agent Jessica) to help us explain the differences so every client can book the best fit for their upcoming event.

What is the difference between strolling magic and a magic show?


Our magician James performing a stage show

James: In a magic show, there’s a boundary between the “stage” area and the “audience” area.  While volunteers from the audience are often invited up on stage, and the magician frequently makes forays into the audience, there’s a demarcation.  The stage (or “platform” or “parlor”) magic show is longer — often half an hour or 45 minutes — with several routines consisting of several tricks, to provide a cohesive whole with a theme.  Think of a one-act play.

In strolling magic, the magician approaches individuals or small groups (three to five folks, typically) to present one to three tricks.  The magic is more like a conversation than a stage play.  Often the members of the audience touch and examine the props, and the magic itself takes place in the spectators’ hands.  People sitting a dinner, folks waiting in line for some other event, people standing about — they are the ones who have a bit of magic touch their lives.  It’s up close and personal.

Kenny: My personal show is a 50/50 mix of comedy and classic magic with a twist of clown charm. You can expect to see me on a stage while I go through one trick after another with plenty of helpers and laughs. Like most magicians, every show I do is largely the same with some adjustments for the event.

My strolling magic is more clowning around. I do plenty of magic, but can cater each interaction to the event and individuals there. That might be some puppets, juggling, clown gags, balloon twisting, or anything else–all depending on what I think will work best for the audience.

What audiences does *your* strolling magic land best with?

James: For me, it’s often folks above the age of six or seven, though young adults through twenties seem to enjoy it most.

Kenny: My strolling magic is great for all ages, like an animated movie that’s made for kids ages 5-9 but has plenty of jokes and puns for teens and adults.

When would you recommend strolling magic over a show?

James the magician performing strolling magic at a public event

James: Would having everyone sit in rows looking in one direction fit in with your plan for the event?  Then go with a show.  A corporate dinner and awards presentation, for example. If you have more freedom of motion, mingling, and random movement with no fixed schedule for various phases of the day, go with strolling.

Kenny: I recommend strolling magic for fairs & similar big events where there is 100s off people to entertain a few at a time
Jessica: In my experience planning events with clients, event organizers who don’t have a formal schedule for their event often like the flexibility of having a magician wander through the audience.

When would you recommend a show over strolling magic?

Kenny performing a stage show at a school event

James: When there’s a schedule, when you expect folks to be all in one place at one time, then go with a show.  If it’s mingling/freeform, then go with strolling.

Kenny: Private parties, corporate events, big events if there is ample seating.
Jessica: Clients who are booking entertainment with the goal of keeping kids contained often prefer a show so the kids can sit down while parents talk amongst themselves (or also hang out and enjoy the show!

About how many guests will interact with you an hour?

James: For a show — all of them, all at once. For strolling, probably forty people an hour will be directly involved, with as many more looking on as random chance may provide.

Kenny: In a strolling set I can entertain 15-30 people, depending on how amped up the kids or adults are.

What sort of tricks should guests be ready to see in *your* strolling set?

Kenny strolling on a boat for a private summer camp event

James: Folks should expect to see dice, coins, rings, strings, dollar bills.  They’ll see classic sleight-of-hand using ordinary objects.  They’ll experience the magic in their own hands.

Kenny: Gravity manipulation with water, magic bags they can reach into, a cheeky puppet named Sherbert, ball juggling, and of course plenty of clowning around!

September 6, 2022 kscope

Summer camps looking for unique programming ideas face a few challenges: hundreds of kids needing to be entertained, running a complicated schedule, and having to do it all on a budget!

After a decade of working with YMCAs, town Parks & Recs departments, public schools, and private daycares, we have our summer camp entertainment packages down to a science to make sure all of your campers are thrilled, parents are impressed, and you stay within your budget.

Programming Theme: Splash Day

Alternative Theme Ideas: Luau Party, Beach Day

Entertainment Package: We throw a foam party where campers dance to kids bop, take tons of silly photos, and get out all of their energy–all in our amazing foam pit!

Bonus Ideas for Your Staff:

  • Round it out to be a full splash day with more water activities
  • Water play for younger kids
  • Water balloon fights for older kids
  • Water sponge dodgeball
  • Pool time

Ages: 2 – Teen

Great For: Outdoor camps, camps without pool access

Don’t Recommend For: Camps with only indoor space; daycares that are only for infants and toddlers.


Programming Theme: Mermaids and Pirates

Alternative Theme Ideas: Adventure Day, Magic Day

Entertainment Package: We invite a mermaid or pirate of your choice for group shows and individual activities. Gather everyone around for mermaid story time or a pirate magic show, then bring by individual groups for mermaid glitter tattoos or pirate sword balloon twisting.

Bonus Ideas for Your Staff:

  • Have campers dress up as mermaids and pirates.
  • Hold a “talk like a pirate” contest all day–give each kid a sticker to start the day. If an adult catches them talking without a “pirate accent” they lose the sticker. Whoever can go the entire day talking like a pirate wins!
  • If your camp has occasional pool access, this is also perfect for a pool day to keep groups busy while they’re out of the pool.

Ages: Our mermaid story time is perfect for ages 2-6, and our pirate magic show is perfect for ages 4-9. Invite one or both of them for a mix-and-match day that fits your needs.

Great For: Camps with younger kids (for mermaids); camps looking to keep kids busy on pool days (both mermaids and pirates); camps who love dress-up days (both mermaids and pirates).

Don’t Recommend Mermaid Story Time For: Camps that are primarily elementary and middle school (mermaid story time is best for younger kids)

Don’t Recommend Pirate Magic Show For: Camps that are mostly toddlers or PreK (magic needs more attention span than that)


Programming Theme: Circus Camp

Alternative Theme Ideas: Magic Camp, Clown School

Entertainment Package: Kenny the Clown comes and entertains the whole group with a 30min magic show, then takes groups for a juggling lesson using easy-to-juggle clown scarves. Bonus: add a second clown for speedy face painting or simple balloon twisting.

Bonus Ideas for Your Staff:

  • Put on a talent show to create your own variety show as part of the camp circus!
  • If you have snack time, consider renting a popcorn or cotton candy machine.

Ages: 4-9 for the magic show, 7-teen for juggling class. Learn more here.

Great For: Camps with a stage; arts camps; camps that can program different activities for different ages.

Don’t Recommend For: Daycares that are only for infants and toddlers


Programming Theme: Balloon Class

Alternative Theme Ideas: Clown School, Circus Camp, “Balloons Over [Camp Name]”

Entertainment Package: One of our professional balloon twisters will come with enough supplies for groups of up to 15 kids to learn designs at once. Students will learn between 2-4 designs (depending on age and time alotted) and take home their creations.

Bonus Ideas for Your Staff:

  • Have staff come to the class to twist along (and have fun!), as well as keep things running smoothly
  • Include other balloon crafts like origami or paper mache hot air balloons
  • Consider balloon-themed sports like water balloon fights, balloon-popping relay races, or water balloon dodge ball!

Ages: 7-teen for balloon twisting class, but professional balloon twisting time can be added so younger kids aren’t excluded. Learn more here.

Great For: Small-group breakouts, library camps, arts or STEM camps

Don’t Recommend For: Daycares that are only for infants and toddlers


Programming Theme: Paint Party

Alternative Theme Ideas: Picasso Day, Day at the Museum

Entertainment Package: We throw a kid-friendly paint party where we go step-by-step with a real art teacher to create masterpieces we can take home.

Bonus Ideas for Your Staff:

  • Bust out all of your favorite craft activities like tie dye, weaving, or jewelry making for an amazing art day.
  • Have a “painting costume contest” and assign each group a famous painting (Starry Night, Mona Lisa, The Scream, Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans, The Persistence of Memory) and give out a Best Costume award in each group.
  • Make it a “museum” day and bring science, dinosaurs, or history into your programming with crafts or a movie screeening.

Ages: 8 – Teen

Great For: Camps that like to schedule seated activities; arts camps; camps with families who value multi-disciplinary activities.

Don’t Recommend For: Camps with limited space; camps that are nervous about kids potentially getting paint on clothing or floors; camps on a tight budget.


April 6, 2020 kscope

Unicorn Themed Party Ideas

New Ideas and Activities for Unicorn Parties

At Kaleidoscope, we’ve been doing Unicorn parties for almost a decade.  We’ve seen the trend go from My Little Ponies to something so much more glittery, sparkly, and iridescent.  In fact, the trend has grown so much that our office staff had a “Unicorn Meeting” so we could brainstorm all the great ways we can make your Unicorn party super original and memorable!  Here they are–take a look, and when you think you’ve found some good choices, our booking specialist can help you with a quote: 


June 20, 2017 kscope


Looking for a family magic show that’s as funny as it is magical? Call Kenny!

Kenny’s kid’s comedy magic show is family-friendly where Kenny just can’t seem to get it right! From exploding props to puppets who play tricks on him, Kenny will have every kid at your event rolling with laughter and screaming for more. His show has a retro-magic vibe with a modern and cartoonish flair.


November 27, 2016 kscope

Kaleidoscope specializes in parties with multiple characters, because our actors are trained to work together to bring stories come to life! The past box office years have seen some big adventure stories which makes these princesses and their friends the perfect choice for parties of any size, age, or gender.

Remember: because mascots are picture-perfect, check on these differences between mascots and face characters so you pick the best package for your party.