February 6, 2024 kscope

Although we love art entertainment like face painting and balloon twisting, we recognize that “art stations” aren’t right for every party.

Kaleidoscope is proud to offer a huge selection of shows and experiences for your upcoming event, no matter what your venue, guests’ age range, or entertainment goal.

Take a look at what we have to offer, and follow the links to learn more!

Magic Shows

Kaleidoscope is New England’s only creative entertainment agency that hosts it’s own variety of magic shows. You can take a look at all of our magicians here, and the shows that we currently have for you to choose from are:

  • 1h Kids Comedy Extravaganza with Kenny (ages 2-tween)
  • 30min Kids Comedy Magic with Kenny (ages 2-tween)
  • 30min and 60min Victorian classical magic with James (ages 2-102)
  • Santa’s Magic show with James (ages 2-102)
  • 30min Kids Magic Show with Dominique or Alexis (ages 2-10)

See all of our magicians here.

Science Show

If magic isn’t your style, our Silly Science Show with Kenny is an amazing alternative!

Created for elementary schoolers, the science show features just as many laughs and cool tricks as Kenny’s famous comedy magic shows, but uses the scientific method to inspire curiosity about how the world works.

For kids who want to get more hands’ on, the Silly Science Show also comes with a slime lab, perfect for ages 4-14!

Learn more about the science show here.

Bubble Show

Can’t decide between magic and science? Our bubble show is a fantastic mix of both!

From the science of how bubbles are made to the magic of what they can do, our bubble show will captivate ages 2-teen with it’s hypnotic tricks and mystery.

Learn more about the bubble show here.

Foam Parties

Foam parties are best described as “a dance party in an outdoor bubble bath!” From pre-schools to summer camps to huge corporate events to tiny birthday parties, they are truly one of the coolest and most unique types of entertainment we offer.

Foam parties are amazing for all ages, and our office would love to work with you to customize your guests’ experiences.

Learn more about foam parties here.

Paint Parties

Looking to show your employees, tenants, club members, students, or guests you truly appreciate them? Arty Party paint nights are one of our most elevated experiences. Ranging from 90min – 2hrs, our talented paint party instructors will come to any location in New England and host a custom paint night for you.

Paint parties are perfect for tweens, teens, and adults. Please note this is not a kids’ craft station or a babysitting alternative but is best suited for ages 12+.

Paint parties make a great alcohol-alternative party for your school or corporate event, or feel free to serve guests libations as they sip and paint. Either way, the event WILL sell out and be one of your most popular events of the year!

Learn more about paint parties here.

Strolling Magic

Looking for a magical alternative to a seated stage-show? Our strolling magicians can wander through any crowd and entertain them one-on-one in a hands-on experience they won’t forget!

Our strolling magic options are:

  • Clowning-around with Kenny (magic, gags, and juggling–perfect for kids and families)
  • Victorian classical magic with James (cards, coins, ropes, and rings–perfect for all ages)
  • Enchanted magical objects with Alexis (precious metals, wooden boxes, and magical rings–perfect for all ages)
  • Mentalism and mind reading with Marissa (crystals, essential oils, and tarot–perfect for teens and adults)

See all of our magicians here.

Circus Camp Classes

Want something more educational?

Don’t let our artists have all the fun–let us teach your guests the arts of balloon twisting, juggling, and magic! From elementary schoolers through senior citizens, our circus camp classes will have everyone at your event clowning around.

Circus camp classes are best done in groups of 10-15 and can be done in “waves” for summer camps or libraries who want to stick to a schedule. Depending on the number of guests per wave, we may suggest longer or shorter time frames, or teach more or fewer concepts.

Learn more about circus camp classes here.

November 15, 2023 kscope

At Kaleidoscope, we’re obsessed with fall!

If you’re booking an event this fall, please ask us about our seasonal face painting and balloon twisting menus.

These special autumn menus have a variety of options including both seasonal motifs (like pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, and foxes) as well as Halloween designs (like ghosts, bats, monsters, candy corn, and jack-o’-lanterns).

Just make sure to specify if you’d like our normal year-round menus or special holiday menus at the time of booking.

(Please note, that we are not currently able to customize any of our tattoo products to the season.)

November 15, 2023 kscope

Didi joined the Kaleido-crew as a face painter and balloon twister in 2023, and is available for events in and around Springfield MA.

Didi is not only a trained actress, but had been working as a daycare teacher since 2019. She joined Kaleidoscope with the goal of combining her love for arts and working with children, and is currently finishing her Associate’s in Early Childhood Development from Holyoke Community College.

You can invite Didi to your next event for any of the following packages:

Didi is also bilingual in English or Spanish, and can entertain in both languages!

November 15, 2023 kscope

Maria began with Kaleidoscope in 2023 with the goal of finding a creative outlet alongside her corporate tech job. Working full-time at Tesla during the week, Maria finds her passion at the intersection of creativity and problem solving.

With experience in childcare and a love for crafts, Maria’s available for events in her hometown of Bristol CT and throughout Connecticut.

And like many Kaleidoscopers, she’s trained in multiple art forms including:

  • Face painting
  • Balloon twisting
  • Glitter, flash, and airbrush tattoos
  • Toddler parties
  • Paint nights
November 15, 2023 kscope

New Britain native Jem first started balloon twisting with Kaleidoscope all the way back in 2015 as a communications intern, where she helped build our princess party sister company Princess Perfect.

Since then, not only has Jem finished her MBA in International Business and launched her career in corporate communication, but has stuck around Kaleidoscope as one of our amazing artists on weekends. Like many of our artists,  she enjoys breaking her weekly routine to have fun and make kids smile.

When not traveling, learning new languages, or balloon twisting, Jem volunteer’s in her church’s youth ministry, where she organizes an annual summer retreat for children and their families throughout New England.

October 4, 2023 kscope

Khara started with Kaleidoscope in 2021 and has since become one of our most-requested artists!

With her BA in Dramatics/Theatre Arts at from the University of Rhode Island, Khara is a trained actress and entertainer who has a passion for childcare and crafting!

Khara is available for the following parties:

Read some of Khara’s verified Google and GigSalad reviews here:

October 4, 2023 kscope

Dominique is one of New Hampshire’s most requested childrens’ party magicians, and it’s no wonder!

With her BA in Early Childhood Education, her years of experience working as a PreSchool teacher, and her love for all things fun, Dominique can come to your party in a number of characters for face painting, balloon twisting, song and game, and magic packages!

Dominique’s characters include:

  • A mermaid
  • A pirate
  • A fairy
  • A clown
  • herself without a costume

Her package options include:

  • Face painting
  • Balloon twisting
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Songs and games
  • A kids’ magic show

Mix and match to your hearts’ content!

Dominique was also trained by our very own Kenny the Clown, one of New England’s most experienced and requested childrens’ entertainers with over a decade and 500+ parties of experience under his belt.

July 11, 2023 kscope

Sarah S began with Kaleidoscope in 2023 as a face painter, balloon twister, UV face/body painter, henna artist, and paint night instructor. A former elementary and middle school art teacher, she’s based in Southern Connecticut and travels throughout New England for events.

In her personal art, Sarah explores and plays in many artistic mediums and modalities, from painting to sculpture, photography, gardening, metalsmithing, installation art, and teaching. Forever a student of the creative process, her style reflects her deep connection to intuitive art creation.

Also a yoga instructor and former art teacher, Sarah finds harmony between her yoga & meditation practice and her art practice. Sarah is inspired by the beauty of this amazing planet, the wisdom and resiliency of the human body and spirit, ecofeminism, and the mysteries of the Cosmos.

July 3, 2023 kscope

Jenni W is one of Kaleidoscope’s most seasoned artists! Jenni began with Kaleidoscope in 2016 as a face painter and balloon twister. With an eclectic creative background (she’s done everything from illustration and costuming to building actual airplanes), Jenni quickly picked a huge variety of art at Kaleidoscope including:

In 2023, Jenni also joined Kaleidoscope full-time in our office. Behind the scenes, she helps maintain all of our costumes and machinery; keeps our artists stocked with all the supplies they need; and keeps our office organized.

May 22, 2023 kscope

Allie B is a colorful caricature artist, face painter, and balloon twister located in Providence, Rhode Island.

After graduating with her Associate’s in Fine Art, Allie spent several years working at Disney World before combining her loves for art and all things animated at Kaleidoscope.

Allie began working with our team in 2019 and specializes in small events looking for combination packages with just one artist who can show off their skills in a range of art mediums.