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Image of Maria, who you can hire as a face painter and balloon twister at your eventMaria began her job as a face painter and balloon twister with Kaleidoscope in 2023 with the goal of finding a creative outlet alongside her corporate tech job. Working full-time at Tesla during the week, Maria finds her passion at the intersection of creativity and problem solving.

With experience in childcare and a love for crafts, Maria’s available for events in her hometown of Bristol CT and throughout Connecticut.

And like many Kaleidoscopers, she’s trained in multiple art forms including:

Interview with Maria: Bristol CT Face Painter and Balloon Twister!

If you could only pick one, would you rather do face painting or balloon twisting forever and why?

 If I had to pick one, I’d go with face painting.
Balloons are great and can be turned into amazing designs, but face painting feels more personal. It gives me a chance to hone my skills and add little personalized touches. Plus, I get to chat with the person I’m painting, which I think people appreciate more. It’s like temporary tattoos—art on our bodies makes us feel more confident and beautiful. Balloons just don’t have that same effect.

What is your favorite part of Face painting?

I love painting! Transforming someone into something funny, beautiful, creative, or just adding some glam brings me so much joy when I see their reactions. It makes me feel proud and fulfills my creative passion.


What are people’s reactions when you tell them that You’re a professional Face Painter and Balloon Twister?

When I tell people what I do, my friends aren’t surprised since they know I have a creative streak and being a face painter and balloon twister suits me perfectly.
New acquaintances or people unfamiliar with my work are always surprised—they usually think of my main job and don’t expect that I also dress up as a fairy and paint faces or twist balloons. If they follow me on social media, they’re pleasantly surprised and often ask about it. It’s fun, and I love surprising folks!


What is one surprising fact about you?

I went to a Aquaculture high school program. I learned to build fishing poles, got my boat license at 15 years old, build boats, took apart and put back together boat motors, put out electrical fires in the ocean, learned CPR and boat safety, and then we skimmed the bottom of the ocean and dissected the sea animals in lab to learn more about them and their anatomy. And because of all that, i havent touch seafood since i was a Freshman in high school.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about what you do?

That i have an great big girl job and career in Technology and Energy, but secretly love my 2nd job (Kscope) face painting, way more most times!  Emoji


What was the most memorable party you ever entertained at?

The most memorable party I ever entertained at was unforgettable! I realized my idea of a party and that of some parents of young kids are worlds apart. My first character event blew my mind. They had me as a fairy doing face painting, a mermaid doing balloons, a bartender, two bounce houses, a petting zoo, bubble machines, lights, glam, tons of decorative balloons, and incredible décor. It felt like an engagement party or a community festival with activities galore. And guess what? It was all for twin 5-year-old girls! I was obsessed!


What’s your favorite part of Working in Kids Party Entertainment?

I love traveling to new places, seeing the setups, and meeting new people. It feels like I’m at the party too, and since I enjoy a good event, this is perfect for me. I get my creative fix and meet awesome hosts, kids, and friends. The best part is the excitement of heading to a new event and never knowing what to expect. It’s always a fun adventure!


What’s your favorite part of working with kids?

The kids are absolutely nuts, and I love it! They’re the most imaginative and creative little people. Some of the smallest kids make the greatest artistic requests.
One time, the quietest, cutest blonde girl with bright blue eyes, wearing an all-pink dress with pearl beads and flower jewelry, asked me to make her a killer zombie. I was so surprised and super hyped! I high-fived her. She decided she wasn’t following the norms and was going to be the best dang Killer Zombie Queen ever! And i was there to support that energy! Emoji


What’s one piece of advice you give to every parent planning a birthday party?

Make sure kids know that being patient and kind are expected!  Not to touch things that aren’t theirs and to always be respectful.


What’s one thing you want every corporate event planner to know?

Make sure all the setup is spot-on – tables, chairs, tents, the works. Oh, and a little check-in during the event wouldn’t hurt either. Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (If you take care of your face painters, we’ll take care of your guests!)


What is the biggest factor in determining if a college event will go smoothly or not?

Ensuring we know exactly the location we are going to be set up at and where we should park that isn’t 20mins from the specific location. Our face painter and balloon twister kits are on wheels, but if we have to walk more than 2-3 minutes it can be challenging making sure we have everything we need at our stations.
June 14, 2024 kscope

At Kaleidoscope, we’re obsessed with fall!

If you’re booking an event this fall, please ask us about our seasonal face painting and balloon twisting menus.

These special autumn menus have a variety of options including both seasonal motifs (like pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, and foxes) as well as Halloween designs (like ghosts, bats, monsters, candy corn, and jack-o’-lanterns).

Just make sure to specify if you’d like our normal year-round menus or special holiday menus at the time of booking.

(Please note, that we are not currently able to customize any of our tattoo products to the season.)

June 10, 2024 kscope

Ava is a face painter and balloon twister based out of Norton, MA and currently attending Wheaton College for creative writing.

Ava started with Kaleidoscope in 2023, having graduated from Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing and Visual Arts with a focus on cinematography and traditional photography. In 2022, her story Mother Nature’s Son was mentioned as a Notable Story in Write Rhode Island, her home state’s only short fiction competition for high school students.

At Kaleidoscope, Ava would love to come to your party for:

Interview with Ava: Norton MA Face Painter and Balloon Twister!

When and why did you start working at Kaleidoscope?

I started working here in spring 2023 as I was graduating high school. I chose Kaleidoscope because I was promised a fun, comfortable, and team-oriented working environment that could foster my creativity, while always teaching me the responsibility I needed to begin my life outside of high school. And each member of this company has delivered on the promise time and time again!


What’s your favorite art form (or performance etc) to do here?

Face Paint!


What is your favorite part of face painting?

My favorite part of face painting is how personal and individual it can be! I’ve found that, for kids, being able to choose something as simple as the color of their face paint, or a design their friends haven’t done yet, makes them feel really special.

What are people’s reactions when you tell them That you’re a professional face painter and balloon twister?

People think my job is super cool and fascinating, I’m almost always asked follow up questions about what I do.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about being in event entertainment?

Although it is certainly nowhere near the hardest job on the planet, it’s not the easiest either! Anyone has the capability to do what we do, but it took us all lots of learning and practice to get where we are! Our skills are developed with time and experience!


What was the most memorable party you ever entertained at?

I entertained at a birthday party with only about five kids, all under the age of 7. By the end I knew all of their names and their favorite subjects in school. When there were lulls when they didn’t want any art from me, they brought coloring books over and asked if we could color together. But best of all, was when the birthday girl took my hand and brought me out to sing happy birthday with her and her family. Small parties will always be my favorite because of that one event!


What’s your favorite part of being an artist?

It’s honest to me and who I am as a person! I’ve been creative since I was little, it’s not surprising that I am an artist as an adult because that is what I have always been. Art makes me feel my most true to myself.  My favorite part of the job is how authentic to myself I can be while working, I do not need to change for anyone.

What’s your favorite part of Entertaining kids?

Kids are hilarious and honest, but they’re also curious, and I’ve found when you tap into that curiosity, you can learn something from them regardless of their age.

What is the hardest thing about being a Face Painter or Balloon Twister?

I am not a babysitter! I love the kids to death, but I cannot be put in charge of them and their well being.

Many parents think it’s okay to leave while their children are in my chair, which is completely fine for a moment to grab their phone for a picture or something small, but leaving entirely and not returning puts me and the child in a strange position. They’re scared to leave my chair alone and I don’t feel comfortable letting them go alone, causing me to stop what I’m doing and find the parent instead of helping the next kid in my chair.


What’s one thing you want every event planner to know?

Large events tend to either be the busiest or the slowest, all depending on the amount of children. If your corporate event is anticipating a large amount of children, please plan accordingly and schedule enough artists to make sure each kid gets the exact art they want! If you are anticipating a small amount of children, an art like balloon twisting, where a kid can get multiple, fulfills the time more than something like face painting, which kids can only get one of.

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Ideal set up for a face painter or balloon twister: inside or under shade; a small table with 2 chairs; enough lighting; and far away from any speakers or loud sounds.

June 7, 2024 kscope

Colleen is a face painter and balloon twister at Kaleidoscope who began with here in 2019 while she was studying theatre at Salem State University. Since graduating, she has performed with a number of community theatres, deepened her love for visual arts as a cake decorator at Dessert Works in Westwood MA, and of course continued performing as a children’s party entertainer with Kaleidoscope!

Among her many talents, Colleen can provide:

Colleen’s strengths as an entertainer are her infectious smile and sweetness with kids, and the parties where she shines the most are small kids birthday parties.


Colleen working as a balloon twister and face painter at an event

Interview with Colleen: Taunton’s Favorite Balloon Twister and Face Painter!

When and why did you start working at Kaleidoscope?

I’ve been with Kaleidoscope since 2019! I was in college for theatre browsing indeed for art-related jobs. An interview and much training later, here I am!

What’s your favorite art form to do here?

Balloon twisting is sooooo my bread and butter. The popping still scares me even after five years.

What is your favorite part of Being a balloon Twister?

Definitely the reverse engineering. Whether a kid wants something I’ve never done/heard of, make it happen! Even watching my colleagues make something I never have, and trying to learn what they just did. We have a great support system with the artists here, so we’re constantly learning from each other which is really fun.

What are people’s reactions when you tell them You’re a professional balloon twister?

People usually say, “wow! That’s so amazing, nobody does that kind of thing anymore!” Or, “so you’re a clown!”

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about Being a professional kids party entertainer?

People would be surprised at the amount of training it takes to do what we do!

What do you think your superpower as an artist is?

Oh boy, definitely patience. It’s such a requirement, and you have to be quick on your feet too!

What was the most memorable party you ever entertained at?

You never forget your first party. I was so nervous, even though everyone was so nice and it turned out great. It was a jungle animal theme, I’ve never painted so many tiger faces.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Making people’s day. Kids love what we do! I once autographed a balloon before, and the kid who I made it for told me she hoped it would never deflate.

What’s your favorite part of being an professional artist?

The act of being an artist itself. Since I come from an acting background I never thought any sort of painting would find an art medium that I excel at. But when you love what you do, you get good at it!

What is the hardest thing about being a Face Painter or Balloon Twister?

Keeping track of my supplies. We have a pretty good system with our central office, but there is so much to keep track of with all the different art forms we do that we’re constantly trying to stay on top of it.

What’s one piece of advice you give to every parent planning a birthday party?

Have plenty of water and snacks. Also, have a backup option in case of rain.

What’s one thing you want every corporate event planner to know?

Sometimes, less is more to keep people entertained. Instead of having just 1 face painter and 1 balloon twister for a huge event, consider having 2 face painters only (or just 2 balloon twisters). The budget will work out the same, and guests will be happy if there are shorter lines.

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June 4, 2024 kscope

Khara started with Kaleidoscope in 2021 and has since become one of our most-requested artists!

With her BA in Dramatics/Theatre Arts at from the University of Rhode Island, Khara is a trained actress and entertainer who has a passion for childcare and crafting!

Khara is available for the following parties:

Read some of Khara’s verified Google and GigSalad reviews here:

June 4, 2024 kscope

Are you looking to add bubbles to your party in CT, MA, or RI?

The Bubble Free Play Station is a hands-on, no-fuss station that can be added to any face painting, balloon twisting, or glitter tattoo package.


April 17, 2024 kscope

Children of all abilities and needs deserve to have fun!

At Kaleidoscope, we truly love entertaining kids and never want anyone to feel left out. As part of our commitment to safe, hygienic, and ethical practices, we have an Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant on our team with the mission to “create products and grow artists which help make events magical for everyone”.

Our Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant’s duties include:

  • consulting on-call based on roadblocks and problems that Kaleidoscope has run into while serving children with autism, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental illness, or any special needs;
  • creating semi-annual trainings for artists to further our commitment to accessibility and inclusion;
  • and overseeing various aspects of product development in order to build accessibility and inclusion into everything we do.

About our Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant

Kayleen Gerow, M.S, BCBA, LABA is a former Kaleidoscope Alumna who worked here between 2015 and 2020 as a princess, face painter, and paint night instructor. After completing her B.S. in psychology, her M.S. in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and going on to become a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, Kayleen left Kaleidoscope and has since helped hundreds of children on the spectrum.

In 2024, Kayleen returned to Kaleidoscope in her new role: Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant. With her in-depth knowledge of how our company works and what our artists expect on events, we believe that Kayleen has the best insight in our industry to make sure that the events we entertain at are amazing for everyone.

(Just for fun, you can see some photos of Kayleen’s characters and work from her artistic tenure here between 2015 – 2020. We were sad to see her “graduate” from event artist to her therapeutic duties as a BCBA, but we’re thrilled to have her back in her new position in Accessibility and Inclusion!)

March 21, 2024 kscope

As Taylor Swift makes her mark as one of human history’s most loved musical artists, a Taylor Swift Eras Tour-themed party stands out as the ultimate celebration for Swifties of all ages.

This unique party theme not only pays homage to Taylor’s iconic eras, but also offers a spectacular blend of fun, glamour, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re planning a kids’ birthday party, a gathering for teens, or a nostalgic event for adults, these five entertainment ideas will elevate your Taylor Swift-themed party to legendary status.

1. Taylor Swift Karaoke: A Journey Through the Eras

Karaoke, a timeless party favorite, takes a Swiftie twist as guests belt out hits from Taylor’s diverse discography. Transform your party space into a mini concert arena where guests can step into Taylor’s shoes, performing their favorite tracks from the “Fearless” country roots to the synth-pop vibes of “1989” and the indie-folk tales of “Folklore.”

How to Implement:

  • Set the Stage: Depending on your budget, you can either deck out your entire event venue in different eras, or even just use one space as the “main stage” for karaoke and concentrate a smaller decore budget on this one space.
  • Keep is simple: Consider working with a professional DJ who will bring, set up, and operate a DJ set up, wireless mics, speakers, and a screen. Often, hiring a professional with better equipment is around the same price as buying your own cheaper setup.
  • Eras Playlist: Make sure your karaoke DJ is equipped with music from every Era.
  • Dress Code: Encourage guests to dress inspired by their favorite Taylor Swift era, adding an extra layer of immersion and fun to the performances.
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2. Glitter Look Makeovers: Shine Like Taylor

In true Taylor Swift fashion, a glam makeover station invites guests to embrace their inner pop star with glittery looks and sparkling make-up. This activity not only adds a touch of glamour to your Eras tour-themed party but also encourages guests to experiment with bold, eye-catching styles.

How to Implement:

  • Professional Makeup Artists: Hire makeup artists to give guests glittery makeovers, channeling the glitz and glamour of Taylor’s stage looks.
  • Glamour Shots Station: Designate a “glamour selfie” area or photo booth with perfect lighting for guests to showcase their glittery makeovers, further enhancing the interactive experience.
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3. Digital Photo Booth: Capture the Memories

A digital photo booth, adorned with props and backdrops inspired by the visuals of Taylor’s music videos and album covers, provides a modern twist on capturing memories. This interactive experience allows guests to take home a piece of the magic, immortalizing their themed outfits and joyful moments.

How to Implement:

  • Themed Props: Offer props related to Taylor’s music, such as guitars, microphones, heart-shaped sunglasses, and iconic items from her videos.
  • Era-Specific Backdrops: Design backdrops for the photo booth that reflect the glitzy and over-the-top party theme, from gold sparkles to red velvet.
  • Instant Sharing: Utilize a digital photo booth setup that allows guests to instantly share their photos on social media, tagging your event and spreading the Swiftie spirit online.
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4. Hair Art: Express Your Era

Hair art, including hair chalk, glitter, and hair tinsel, offers a unique and colorful way to celebrate Taylor Swift’s musical journey. This playful activity not only allows guests to express their creativity but also to embody the spirit of their favorite Taylor Swift era through their hairstyles.

How to Implement:

  • Hair Art Station: Hire professional party artists who can come equipped with hair chalk, glitter, and tinsel in a variety of colors to match Taylor’s album themes.
  • Hair Artists: Have skilled hair artists on hand to help guests achieve their desired looks, ensuring everyone feels like a star.
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5. Glitter Tattoos: Temporary Tributes

Glitter tattoos add a sparkling, ephemeral tribute to Taylor Swift’s impact and the indelible mark her music leaves on fans. These tattoos, featuring iconic Taylor Swift imagery and lyrics, offer a fun and non-permanent way for guests to wear their Swiftie pride.

How to Implement:

  • Swiftie Tattoo Parlor: Set up a dedicated area for the glitter tattoo application, complete with comfortable seating and good lighting. Ask your glitter tattoo artist about designs available for the event theme.
  • All Ages Fun: Ensure all glitter that is put on guests is cosmetic-grade skin-safe (and not craft-grade, which can harm eyes or lungs), making this activity inclusive for guests of all ages, from kids birthday parties to adult gatherings.
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February 6, 2024 kscope

Although we love art entertainment like face painting and balloon twisting, we recognize that “art stations” aren’t right for every party.

Kaleidoscope is proud to offer a huge selection of shows and experiences for your upcoming event, no matter what your venue, guests’ age range, or entertainment goal.

Take a look at what we have to offer, and follow the links to learn more!

Magic Shows

Kaleidoscope is New England’s only creative entertainment agency that hosts it’s own variety of magic shows. You can take a look at all of our magicians here, and the shows that we currently have for you to choose from are:

  • 1h Kids Comedy Extravaganza with Kenny (ages 2-tween)
  • 30min Kids Comedy Magic with Kenny (ages 2-tween)
  • 30min and 60min Victorian classical magic with James (ages 2-102)
  • Santa’s Magic show with James (ages 2-102)
  • 30min Kids Magic Show with Dominique or Alexis (ages 2-10)

See all of our magicians here.

Science Show

If magic isn’t your style, our Silly Science Show with Kenny is an amazing alternative!

Created for elementary schoolers, the science show features just as many laughs and cool tricks as Kenny’s famous comedy magic shows, but uses the scientific method to inspire curiosity about how the world works.

For kids who want to get more hands’ on, the Silly Science Show also comes with a slime lab, perfect for ages 4-14!

Learn more about the science show here.

Bubble Show

Can’t decide between magic and science? Our bubble show is a fantastic mix of both!

From the science of how bubbles are made to the magic of what they can do, our bubble show will captivate ages 2-teen with it’s hypnotic tricks and mystery.

Learn more about the bubble show here.

Foam Parties

Foam parties are best described as “a dance party in an outdoor bubble bath!” From pre-schools to summer camps to huge corporate events to tiny birthday parties, they are truly one of the coolest and most unique types of entertainment we offer.

Foam parties are amazing for all ages, and our office would love to work with you to customize your guests’ experiences.

Learn more about foam parties here.

Paint Parties

Looking to show your employees, tenants, club members, students, or guests you truly appreciate them? Arty Party paint nights are one of our most elevated experiences. Ranging from 90min – 2hrs, our talented paint party instructors will come to any location in New England and host a custom paint night for you.

Paint parties are perfect for tweens, teens, and adults. Please note this is not a kids’ craft station or a babysitting alternative but is best suited for ages 12+.

Paint parties make a great alcohol-alternative party for your school or corporate event, or feel free to serve guests libations as they sip and paint. Either way, the event WILL sell out and be one of your most popular events of the year!

Learn more about paint parties here.

Strolling Magic

Looking for a magical alternative to a seated stage-show? Our strolling magicians can wander through any crowd and entertain them one-on-one in a hands-on experience they won’t forget!

Our strolling magic options are:

  • Clowning-around with Kenny (magic, gags, and juggling–perfect for kids and families)
  • Victorian classical magic with James (cards, coins, ropes, and rings–perfect for all ages)
  • Enchanted magical objects with Alexis (precious metals, wooden boxes, and magical rings–perfect for all ages)
  • Mentalism and mind reading with Marissa (crystals, essential oils, and tarot–perfect for teens and adults)

See all of our magicians here.

Circus Camp Classes

Want something more educational?

Don’t let our artists have all the fun–let us teach your guests the arts of balloon twisting, juggling, and magic! From elementary schoolers through senior citizens, our circus camp classes will have everyone at your event clowning around.

Circus camp classes are best done in groups of 10-15 and can be done in “waves” for summer camps or libraries who want to stick to a schedule. Depending on the number of guests per wave, we may suggest longer or shorter time frames, or teach more or fewer concepts.

Learn more about circus camp classes here.

November 15, 2023 kscope

Didi joined the Kaleido-crew as a face painter and balloon twister in 2023, and is available for events in and around Springfield MA.

Didi is not only a trained actress, but had been working as a daycare teacher since 2019. She joined Kaleidoscope with the goal of combining her love for arts and working with children, and is currently finishing her Associate’s in Early Childhood Development from Holyoke Community College.

You can invite Didi to your next event for any of the following packages:

Didi is also bilingual in English or Spanish, and can entertain in both languages!