April 12, 2023 kscope

When your non-profit is having an event, we know your budget is tight and every penny spent needs to be a future investment.

After over a decade working with return clients such as Catherine Hubbard’s Butterfly Party (10,000+ guests annually), CT Foodshare’s Walk Against Hunger (1,000+ guests annually), JDRF of Greater New England (5+ annual events throughout the year), we have built the skills and experience to know what entertainment can add to your event and mission.

Money Makers for Fund raisers

Face painting, balloon twisting, temporary tattoos, and caricatures are tried-and-true ways to attract people to your event. And for non-profits, we’ll help you recoup all costs.

  1. When you book with us, we’ll explain our grab-and-go products designed to be impressive at large events. Generally speaking, we can get up to around 30 designs done per hour per artist (2 minutes per design).
  2. We’ll also quote you for how many artists we suggest at your event and include all bulk nonprofit discounts.
  3. Upon booking, we’ll give you any and all marketing materials you want (from high-res images you can put on billboards to mini sharable social media tidbits).
  4. We’ll also boost your event with our thousands of active clients via email newsletter and social media.
  5. Finally, we’ll help you determine the right system to recoup all costs. For some clients, this might be charging $3-15 per design depending on your audience. For others, this may be an optional tips/donations jar. Either way, all money will go back to your organization.

Stage Shows

If having stations at your event doesn’t make sense, we also have a variety of stage shows. While they cost more per hour than our visual artists, they can entertain much bigger audiences at once and help break up the schedule of your event.

Our magician James has a classical Victorian magic show for all ages that is done with the same materials, tricks, and techniques that would have been done in an 1800’s parlor. Our non-profit clients love that his show is truly a great fit for all ages, as well as that he looks so much like a classic magician that he naturally draws attention.

Our resident clown Kenny can likewise provide a variety show with magic, puppets, juggling, and comedy. While Kenny’s show is built for kids, he includes plenty of jokes and gags for adults and comes in a huge variety of costumes to fit every event’s theme.

But if your mission is grounded more in science than magic, our bubble show invites guests to build a hypothesis and test it as they watch mesmerizing bubble tricks from one of our resident bubble scientists! Each bubble show comes with an optional bubble photo booth which can be used to recoup costs, just like ay of our visual artists.

We also have a science show in development, but if you’re looking to book that now you can ask our office for more details!


Add to The Ambiance

Finally, if your goal is to impress and entertain donors or organizational VIPs, some of our nonprofit clients look for entertainment that adds life to the party.

Stilt walkers are a fan favorite for walks and runs. Our non-profit clients love that they can greet guests at finish lines or help kick off a 5k!

Costumed characters are wildly popular for theme park-style meet-and-greets. They add to the event and can be placed in a booth, on a stage, or left to walk around your event.

Finally, we offer DJs and foam cannons for outdoor summer events. Invite your guests to dance, run, and play through mountains of endless bubbles in the sunshine. Foam events are something that they’ve likely seen on reality TV or social media, and make amazing compliments for 5k events, charity walks, and outdoor carnivals.

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April 12, 2023 kscope

Looking for country club event entertainment ideas? Kaleidoscope has been helping private clubs create perfect parties since 2013, and with our extensive list of entertainers for hire, your club can boost membership value and engagement all year long.

Here are some of our favorite ways to captivate your members and help you create events unlike anywhere else.


October 4, 2022 kscope
Clients looking to hire a magician for their upcoming event normally have two options: strolling magic or a magic show.
We asked our resident magicians Kenny and James (as well as our booking agent Jessica) to help us explain the differences so every client can book the best fit for their upcoming event.

What is the difference between strolling magic and a magic show?


Our magician James performing a stage show

James: In a magic show, there’s a boundary between the “stage” area and the “audience” area.  While volunteers from the audience are often invited up on stage, and the magician frequently makes forays into the audience, there’s a demarcation.  The stage (or “platform” or “parlor”) magic show is longer — often half an hour or 45 minutes — with several routines consisting of several tricks, to provide a cohesive whole with a theme.  Think of a one-act play.

In strolling magic, the magician approaches individuals or small groups (three to five folks, typically) to present one to three tricks.  The magic is more like a conversation than a stage play.  Often the members of the audience touch and examine the props, and the magic itself takes place in the spectators’ hands.  People sitting a dinner, folks waiting in line for some other event, people standing about — they are the ones who have a bit of magic touch their lives.  It’s up close and personal.

Kenny: My personal show is a 50/50 mix of comedy and classic magic with a twist of clown charm. You can expect to see me on a stage while I go through one trick after another with plenty of helpers and laughs. Like most magicians, every show I do is largely the same with some adjustments for the event.

My strolling magic is more clowning around. I do plenty of magic, but can cater each interaction to the event and individuals there. That might be some puppets, juggling, clown gags, balloon twisting, or anything else–all depending on what I think will work best for the audience.

What audiences does *your* strolling magic land best with?

James: For me, it’s often folks above the age of six or seven, though young adults through twenties seem to enjoy it most.

Kenny: My strolling magic is great for all ages, like an animated movie that’s made for kids ages 5-9 but has plenty of jokes and puns for teens and adults.

When would you recommend strolling magic over a show?

James the magician performing strolling magic at a public event

James: Would having everyone sit in rows looking in one direction fit in with your plan for the event?  Then go with a show.  A corporate dinner and awards presentation, for example. If you have more freedom of motion, mingling, and random movement with no fixed schedule for various phases of the day, go with strolling.

Kenny: I recommend strolling magic for fairs & similar big events where there is 100s off people to entertain a few at a time
Jessica: In my experience planning events with clients, event organizers who don’t have a formal schedule for their event often like the flexibility of having a magician wander through the audience.

When would you recommend a show over strolling magic?

Kenny performing a stage show at a school event

James: When there’s a schedule, when you expect folks to be all in one place at one time, then go with a show.  If it’s mingling/freeform, then go with strolling.

Kenny: Private parties, corporate events, big events if there is ample seating.
Jessica: Clients who are booking entertainment with the goal of keeping kids contained often prefer a show so the kids can sit down while parents talk amongst themselves (or also hang out and enjoy the show!

About how many guests will interact with you an hour?

James: For a show — all of them, all at once. For strolling, probably forty people an hour will be directly involved, with as many more looking on as random chance may provide.

Kenny: In a strolling set I can entertain 15-30 people, depending on how amped up the kids or adults are.

What sort of tricks should guests be ready to see in *your* strolling set?

Kenny strolling on a boat for a private summer camp event

James: Folks should expect to see dice, coins, rings, strings, dollar bills.  They’ll see classic sleight-of-hand using ordinary objects.  They’ll experience the magic in their own hands.

Kenny: Gravity manipulation with water, magic bags they can reach into, a cheeky puppet named Sherbert, ball juggling, and of course plenty of clowning around!

March 16, 2022 kscope

Have you ever seen a celebrity magician read someone’s mind on TV? Or guess something about a total stranger they could have never known? Consider bringing those larger-than-life moments to your next event!

Kaleidoscope now offers jaw-dropping, impossible-for-you-to-know, and get out of my head! psychic encounters with our resident mentalist, Marissa.


July 9, 2020 kscope

Hire a face painter in CT, MA, RI, or NH! Not only are our face painters, balloon twisters, and other entertainers top notch, but they’re great with kids! Our face painters specialize in bring and colorful full-face designs, and our balloon twisters build sculptures you can’t believe! All of our party entertainment packages are built specially for your party and budget, but here are a few we offer!


March 16, 2020 kscope

Speedy face painting is just-as-impressive, three-to-four-times-as-fast face painting perfect for huge crowds. By simplifying the designs and adding multiple colors at once, our speedy faces with drop the jaws of your guests while tearing throw even the longest line!

Speedy Face Paint is way cheaper per face, but slightly more expensive per hour. It’s perfect for:


June 3, 2019 kscope

Stilt walkers are a festive addition to any event! With colorful costumes and big personalities, they can totally change the atmosphere of any party they entertain at.

Stilt walkers are great for:

  • Greeting guests in a driveway, main road, or parking lot
  • Indoor events as long as the ceiling are 10′ or taller
  • Balloon twisting
  • Giving away products at booths, trade shows, grand openings, or corporate events


February 25, 2019 kscope

Wacky hair art is a really fun addition to any birthday party or company event! Most of our clients like it as an add-on to face painting or balloon twisting, but we can also provide hair art with any character of your choice. Our hair artists can do about 10-12 guests per hour.