May 10, 2023 kscope


If you’re looking for more educational programming this year at your school, library, or camp, we offer not only educational shows (such as our science and bubble shows) but hands-on circus camps!

Circus camps with Kaleidoscope are 3 distinct classes that teach kids ages 7-teen some of our favorite types of entertainment here. All 3 are designed to get kids thinking, problem-solving, and moving during short waves of learning.

Our classes are taught primarily by Kenny the Clown, a public school educator and life-long circus entertainer. Kenny will help break down simple concepts into step-by-step instructions that will leave kids with practical skills after the class is over.

Here are some tips for making your circus camp classes a success:

  1. Involve adults! Our entertainers and instructors aren’t able to take responsibility for watching the kids they’re teaching, although many of them are educators and parents themselves. The best run classes always happen when adults (whether they’re counselors, teachers, or parents) learn and play along with the class.
  2. Budget less time and earlier tasks with younger kids. This will set them up to succeed with both their motor skills and attention spans. When you book one of our circus instructors, you’ll pay by the hour and can budget that time with different lengths of “waves” for different age levels or groups.
  3. Consider take-home supplies. Our classes have a fixed hourly price no matter how you divide up the time. But if you have the budget, you can opt to give kids take-home bags of supplies to show their parents and continue the magic at home.
  4. Add a show. If you’re familiar with the classroom “I do, we do, you do”, you’ll know how fundamental it is to give kids context and goals in learning. Before the kids jump into learning, we highly recommend booking Kenny for his hour-long variety show which includes juggling, magic, puppetry, and clowning. The stage show can be done once for your entire camp or school, and then Kenny can accommodate waves of kids in circus camp classes after.

Ask our office for circus camp pricing!

June 20, 2011 kscope

Silly science shows are now booking in CT, MA, and RI for kids and families of all ages!

Kaleidoscope’s science show packages come in two parts: a show full of colorful experiments (with tons of jokes and clowning around) and a slime lab where kids get hands-on in their own creations.

Kaleidoscope’s Silly Science Show

Our Silly Science Show was first conceptualized by Marissa and Kenny, two professional entertainers and educators with combined decades of experience in both.

The goal of the show is not only to entertain ages 4-14, but to get kids curious and encourage them to ask questions.

Every “experiment” featured in our science show is bright, colorful, and safe for all ages so it’s not only built on real principles of chemistry or physics, but is pure eye candy for the audience.

The science show can be enjoyed by all ages, and can be performed for groups any size from small birthday parties to larger professional events. (For best viewing, suggest an audience no larger than 50 kids and adults. However, if you’re booking for a long and large event, the science show can be performed in waves throughout the day so guests can have multiple opportunities to view it up close.)

Party Slime Lab

After the show, invite guests to get hands-on with our slime lab!

Kids are invited to mix non-toxic, household ingredients and create their very own slime! Kids will take home their slimy creations in to-go cups, which can act as both entertainment and party favors.

Our slime lab is priced per guest and can be done in a group (perfect for birthday parties) or in waves (great for larger and longer events).

Contact Kaleidoscope to schedule your Silly Science Show today!