Kids Entertainment Ideas for Libraries in CT, MA, RI, and NH!

May 24, 2018 kscope

Library-use models are changing, and we’re excited to help our amazing library clients create more interactive days and activities as their place in their town’s social life changes too.

Here are a few of our most popular library options, and why our librarian clients choose them.


  • Details – Have a character come to do a amusement-park-styled meet and greet where each kid can meet them, have them work the front desk, have them greeting guests as they enter the library, or do story time. These packages are SUPER flexible and because all of our cartoon characters are trained actors, they can even switch the plan mid-event if you need.
  • Why librarians love it – having a cartoon character (or several) visit for a day is a great way to get families in and more unique than other kid-centered activities. We can get through a LOT of children through meet and greets and it’s more flexible than other packages.
  • Price – relatively low. Because we can get through around 30 children per hour for a meet and greet, the cost-per-child is lower than most other activities.
  • Educational Tie-Ins – Invite characters to come in and read children’s books, promote the library’s collection of graphic novels, or encourage families to make a trip to the library!


  • Details – Have a balloon artist, juggler, or magician come and do small work-shops with anyone over the age of 6. You can also add-on hours of professional entertainment if you want to entertain guests earlier or later in the day! Learn more here.
  • Why Librarians Love It – If you don’t have a full maker-space but want to offer a different and creative workshop, this takes almost no supplies or space.
  • Price – Higher per guest than a meet-and-greet, but exactly the same per-hour price as all other entertainment packages.
  • Educational Tie-Ins – Maker-spaces and workshops are big right now, and these are great additions to any workshop or craft spaces.


  • Details – Our foam techs will turn your parking lot or lawn into a giant outdoor foam pit full of dancing, laughter, and memories.
  • Why Librarians Love It – Foam is extremely high-energy and visual. It’s easy to promote, super popular for all ages, and is extremely social-media friendly.
  • Price – Foam is the highest-priced entertainment we have per hour, but is truly one of the coolest things we do.
  • Educational Tie-Ins – Start or end your summer reading campaigns with a bang! Foam parties run roughly from Memorial Day through Labor Day (just like pools), and make for a great celebration.

WANT ANYTHING ELSE? Just ask! All of our packages can be tweaked especially for libraries. We’d love to help get families into your branch!

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