Henna Tattoos

July 1, 2015 kscope

Henna is a traditional South Asian body art form that is applied on hands, feet, or anywhere else in gorgeous patterns. Our artists can come with pre-made designs, or take requests! This is one of the most popular things we offer for small parties for teens and adults.

application-of-henna-in-proccessHow they’re applied: Using a cone of henna paste, we free-draw intricate designs onto the skin. The paste takes about 30 minutes to dry, during which you can’t smudge it! For the next few hours you’ll keep the paste on you as it sinks into the top level of your skin, and before you to go bed at night, you can flake it off over a sink or toilet. By the next morning, you’ll have a beautiful deep-red tattoo to show off! (Below, you’ll see two images: freshly-applied paste and the day after.)

Best used for: Ages 10+. We generally will not put henna on anyone younger than ten because of long drying time and it’s potential to stain clothes. However, it is GREAT for Sweet 16 birthdays, clubs, baby showers, maternity bellies, and anywhere else adults want a unique and classy temporary tattoo!

Customers per hour: 7-20, depending on the design size. Client can specify.

  • Mini designs (finger-sized): 15-20 tattoos an hour
  • Small designs (wrist-sized): 10-15 tattoos an hour
  • Medium designs (palm-sized): 10-12 tattoos an hour
  • Large designs (hand-sized): 7-9 tattoos an hour
  • Recommended booking: 10-12 clients an hour (so our artists can come with a variety of designs and sizes for them to choose from)Before-and-After1

Safety: We use only Jamila Henna Powder, imported straight from Pakistan and made of the highest quality ingredients. Henna ingredients are unfortunately not FDA-screened, so we use only this reputable manufacturer, known for their high-quality product.

Customization: Because all henna designs are hand-drawn, guests are presented with about 50 of our favorite options but customization is always possible! We just ask guests to stay within the size perimeters set by the client (see “customers per hour” listed above).

Care and removal: It’s pretty simple: leave on the paste as long as possible, then you’re good to go for 2-4 weeks! Check out this handy guide for even more details. Henna cannot be removed easily because it dyes the top layers of your skin, but exfoliating the area regularly will shorten how long it remains on your skin.

May not be right for you: If you’re entertaining young children or you plan on getting wet afterwards.


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