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June 20, 2011 kscope


Palm readings, tarot readings, and rune readings are increasingly popular activities in people’s personal lives and at events. Kaleidoscope works with select professional psychics and, whether you’re a believer or not, psychic party packages can leave guests inspired, entertained, and everything in between.

All of our psychic packages were dreamt up and fine-tuned by married psychics Ginny and Jason R (pictured below) and are flexible to serve every type of party–from busy project graduations and college parties, to low-key weddings and banquettes, and even to creative bachelorette parties or birthdays.

New to “fortune telling” or not sure if they’re the right party package for you? Our in-house psychics–Ginny, Jason, and Marissa–answer our clients’ most popular questions below.


What is tarot?

  • MARISSA – In the most literal sense, tarot is a pack of 78 cards with archetypal images on them – from an old and wise hermit to a young joker; from a star shining with hope to a great, dark tower crumbling; and from hard-working craftsman to a twisted, cold beggar. These images are shuffled up by your party guests, spread by the reader, and read together for a deeper understanding of problems or challenges in your guests’ lives.
  • GINNY – A set of playing cards from the 15th century.  No one really knows how they got their mystical associations, but somewhere along the lines someone developed a method to use tarot for divination.  But honestly, at their heart, they’re playing cards for games we no longer play…
  • JASON – The systematic use of a deck of cards representing metaphorically the passage through life and spirituality to determine the result of actions or to obtain information about a question.

Are you psychic? Is this real fortune telling?

  • MARISSA – The believer’s answer is yes – that there are forces higher than humans that we can all tap into, and tarot is a tool for the reader and party guest to do so together. The skeptic’s answer is no – but that doesn’t mean tarot readings can’t have real impacts. The archetypal images on these cards are so common throughout world history and geography that they instantly trigger new ideas, patterns, and revelations inside the guest’s mind. What a guest might be struggling with in their conscious mind can be revealed in their Freudian unconscious through tarot, like a Rorschach Test; the archetypes in Jung’s Collective Unconscious theory are so present, guests can’t help but have emotional reactions.
  • GINNY – Yes, I am a psychic who specializes in runes, tarot, and palm interpretation.  I also do cold readings, but not in an event setting.
  • JASON – Yes, I consider myself an empath, and it is a very real way to get advice or information.


Wait, so is it real?

  • MARISSA – Whether guests are believers or skeptics, our tarot readers’ techniques make each reading interesting, engaging, and memorable at all events. If anyone can prove or disprove tarot, they’d be a really rich person indeed–but until then, we’ll continue to love all of it’s ambiguity.
  • GINNY –  Yes… but if you have doubts, those doubts could manifest as negative energy that will murk up this reading.


What kind of questions can guests ask?

  • MARISSA – The most common types of questions are (1) Self-identity questions – what should I know about myself right now? What do I need to work on within myself? (2) Clarifying questions – Who was I in a past life? How is my relationship with someone going (3)  Past/Present/Future questions – What should I know about an upcoming life event? What should I be preparing for?
  • GINNY – The tarot cards work best when you ask open ended questions.  I am also able to past/present/future clarification readings on a topic of your choice.  The tarot cards will not be effective in answering yes or no questions.
  • JASON – Anything, though yes/no questions are oversimplified and are discouraged. Be aware though, sometimes you may get an answer you don’t like.


Do you wear any costumes?

  • MARISSA – No – we’re not actors or impersonators. Our readers range from Wiccan believers who work in accounting, to psychology PhD students who love to read; to former baristas who love to learn new things. We like to surround ourselves with earthly elements when stuck inside to relax ourselves and party guests, so you might see some wooden or crystal jewelry, but we love what we do and take it seriously–which means no cheap costumes or characters.
  • GINNY –  I do not wear costumes when I do readings.  It is incredibly easy to murk up a reading, and part of what I do to avoid murky readings is to set myself up so that my intent for a clear reading cannot be misunderstood.  If I’m wearing a pretend fortune teller costume, the energy I’m putting into the deck is that I want a pretend reading.  Instead, I wear the clothes that make me feel most grounded, and jewelry with crystals that help me feel most intuitive.
  • JASON – Not in the sense that I wear a specific outfit, but rather that I surround myself and wear trappings of a diviner (jewelry or accessories) that enhances or focuses my energy, symbols of my faith, and some fun clothes for flair.


How long are readings?

  • MARISSA – For most large parties, we love to do quick readings to accommodate a lot of guests. For intimate events, we try to do longer readings. When you ask for a quote, we’ll send you several options at different budgets.
  • GINNY – Anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the event.  If you’re wanting a reading longer than 30 minutes, it will have to take place in a low-attendance setting, or it is possible your reading will be affected by the energies of others.
  • JASON – It depends on the question and how much detail the person wants, they can range from 5-45 min on average.

Is this a child-friendly package? What ages is it recommended for?

  • MARISSA – Because children often have a hard time distinguishing between hyperbole and literal, we don’t recommend tarot for anyone under 14. With parents kids might have fun exploring the cards, but we require parents to be present for all readings. This isn’t because tarot is scary or bad – but because when we draw, say, the Magician card, we don’t want children to literally think they’re going to meet a tall magical man when really what it might signify is new ideas, growth, or a new project.
  • JASON – Simple answer is no. Kids are impatient, don’t know what they want usually, and tend to ask yes/no questions and want simple answers. I would put the age range at 13+

Is it scary? Does it involve any Satanism, ghosts, voodoo or anything weird?

  • MARISSA – It’s not scary at all! Tarot draws from many Eastern Mystery traditions – from alchemy (air, earth, water, and fire) to horoscopes (found in any newspaper) to numerology (seven is a lucky number, right?) to even the very idea of “souls”. If you’re comfortable with horoscopes or wishing wells, tarot will be right up your ally.
  • GINNY –  No–this is all about energy.  Some people call it vibrating high.  For example, have you ever really wanted to find a great parking spot?  And you don’t give up, you know you’re going to find the parking spot–and then you find it!  And you’re so grateful!  THAT is vibrating high.  You put out this energy into the world, asking the world for what you want, and staying grateful when you get it.  Tarot is like that.  You seek the answer; I keep us positive and focused.  I utilize my long history with the cards to interpret them.  You find your answer the same way you found your parking spot: with hope and close examination.
  • JASON – No, no, and no. Unlike most forms of divination, that request information from a specific being/group and/or require sacrifice, tarot gently asks these questions from the universe itself. It won’t stain your soul or turn you evil. That being said, sometimes the readings are so accurate that they can cause some fear, but that varies on the individual.



Do you do readings for just one person? Like, if I wanted a private appointment?

  • MARISSA – We offer small packages for 1-5 people, but generally the cost of getting the reader out to you is the bulk of what you’re paying for, so we suggest getting a few friends together for our 90min minimum and splitting the cost for a great group experience. Pour some tea, uncork a bottle of wine, or just enjoy a sunny day outside–it’s a great idea for a small girl’s night, low-key bachleorette party, or unique date idea.



Can you do group readings? Is it always going to be one on one?

  • GINNY – The more people present during a reading, the murkier the answer will become.  Two people–especially if these people have connecting journeys (sisters, best friends, spouses, etc) is doable.  Three people could affect the reading.  Four people at a tarot reading and it would be impossible to tell which card was drawn for who and why.
  • JASON – Typically no, though it is technically possible, each persons individual journey and fate don’t automatically sync up just because you’re in a family/party/business together. It would likely be a convoluted and confusing ordeal.



Can you speak to my dead loved one?

  • MARISSA – This is not something we currently feel comfortable with, especially in a party setting. While many people believe the souls of those who love them are with them and speak through tarot, we would never want to attempt something this intimate in a group event.
  • GINNY – Mediumship is very different from tarot and runes and palmistry.  In tarot, runes, and palmistry we are communing with the universe.  When you commune with the dead, precautions must be taken, including but not limited to cleansing the space and ensuring the space’s population remains below 10 people.  Even after taking these precautions, it is not guaranteed that your loved one will be present to communicate with.  Spirits are tricky.  The short answer is: perhaps, but not at an event or party setting.  My husband and I offer private and low attendance readings, and that would be ideal for what you are asking.

What deck or runes do you used? How are they prepared?

  • GINNY – We use the Rider Waite deck almost exclusively, although may switch to something more modern if we feel like your event calls for it. Our runes are a mix of carved wood and embellished crystals. Over all, we try to feel which option calls to us before your event (and, of course, have our personal favorites).
  • JASON – We wear through decks pretty quickly between events and, honestly, while we have our personal favorites at home and for private readings, we try to purchase new decks and craft new runes regularly for event work to keep the desks feeling fresh and energetic. We also smudge the decks between events and, although we can’t cleanse them between individual readings logistically, keep a positive space full of our favorite trappings so the deck, the readers, and the guests can all keep their energy open.



Will you have a private area that you set up (booth, curtains, etc)?

  • GINNY – We work best in a less-trafficked corner of your event so party guests can feel calm, open, and payed attention to. It helps us read them and gives them a better experience. We don’t use booths or curtains because we want to feel open and approachable, but a clear space around us without hallway traffic (or, the opposite–tucked into a quiet party corner) is really helpful.
  • JASON – Our set up is really beautiful–it includes tapestries and natural elements (stones, wood, crystals, feathers, etc) that are not only help your guests feel relaxed (and easier to read) but we truly believe creates a bubble of amazing energy. All we need is a small table and two chairs per diviner.



What other readings can you do?

  • MARISSA – We also currently offer rune readings and palm readings, although tarot are our personal favorite. When you ask for a quote, all of your options will be sent to you via email depending on your party size.
  • GINNY – I am adept at tarot, palmistry, runes, and mediumship.
  • JASON -Typically tarot is most popular but the other reading I do is runes, which is faster but more general. There are other, more complex and powerful forms of divination, but they are not for the faint of heart. We can discuss options if alternate means are desired.



Should I be making life decisions based on my tarot readings?

  • MARISSA – Tarot can offer one of many insights into your life, but all decisions in your life should of course be made taking into account finances, family, risk assessment, spiritual leaders, therapists, doctors… and the list goes on. We hope tarot can be one of the many tools that help bring you clarity on any problems or changes you’re facing.
  • GINNY – Absolutely not.  Tarot is a fancy word for playing cards from the 15th century.  Tarot is fun–tarot is mysterious.  Often times it can be creepily accurate at identifying major issues in your life. It is also, like everything else in this world, sometimes fallible.  Use the readings for clarification, insight, or to gain perspective.  Then, take everything you know, and make your own choices.
  • JASON -What a loaded question. Tarot readings are a bit like receiving advice from another person. You ultimately decide if you want to follow the advice given. So as an example, if I get a reading that says much travel is in my future, I might start browsing airline deals or packages to see if anything catches my eye, but I won’t sell all my possessions and buy a ticket to a random place.

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