UV Glow Face Painting

October 25, 2013 kscope

Unique entertainment is our specialty–but what do you do when your kids get too old for traditional face painting and balloon twisting? In the hundreds of parties our face painters and balloon twisters have performed at, we’ve noticed after age 10 or so parents tend to forego entertainment since the kids are less interested, which can often lead to a pack of excited tweens tearing up their house with not much else to do!

Glow Parties are really fun alternatives to “little kid” parties and adult parties where there isn’t much going on besides talking. Here are some of our favorite things for helping your tweens and teens impress their friends with the best birthday party of the year! (And yes, you can have these parties at any age–from toddlers to adults!)

UV Face Painting

UV Face Painting is a blast! Our UV Face Painters can do lots of cool tween, teen, and adult face painting designs, from “just something pretty” to graffiti designs, and even more traditional face painting designs like superheroes or puppies for the little ones!   The FDA has yet to approve any glow-in-the-dark cosmetics, so this is the closest thing for now! All you need for UV face painting is a dark room (or outside at night) and black lights. We don’t yet rent black lights, but you can try Taylor Rentals or other party rental spots near you. Just remember: the brighter the UV lights, the brighter the face paint! Our face painters have also done tons of events at nightclubs, indoor monster golf, and bowling lanes that come with UV packages. UV face painting is available in CT, RI, MA, and NH or NYC if you ask really politely 😉 (Our artists will just have to travel a bit, but it’s doable!)


LED Balloon Twisting

LED balloon twisting is a hit! Our balloon twisters love the LED lights we can stuff into balloons. LED balloon twisting is by request or part of our jumbo balloon package, so make sure you ask! To make sure our balloon twisters can bend you some amazing creations, all you need is to have a darkish indoor venue (say, a club or VFW with low lighting) or outside at night. If you’ll be adding black lights to your party, it won’t affect the LED lights, but the balloons themselves will glow too! Double the fun! The LED balloon twisting glows for around 6hrs, and is awesome on headbands or bracelets! LED balloon twisting is available in CT and Southern MA for all parties, and the rest of MA and RI with a 3hr minimum.

LED balloon twisting


Dress Code

If you’re considering adding black lights, remember: white glows under them! Black and white dress codes are fun for any nighttime party. Plus, the LED’s glow so bright they’ll “tint” the white clothing around them with colorful lights, so that’s a plus too!



Try a night out with black-light Monster Mini Golf or bowling alleys with UV lanes. But if you’re thinking of having your party at home, try some backyard games like Flashlight Tag or Hide & Seek. The dark can add a lot of fun to your parties, so think outside of the box!

DJ Services

A DJ can make a kid party feel more “grown-up” with some family-friendly karaoke, or bring an adult party to the next level. Check out our DJ services here!

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