Flash Tattoos

June 29, 2015 kscope

Flash tattoos are the newest trend, as seen on Beyonce and instagram.

flash-tattoo-w540How they’re applied: Similar to stick-on-tattoos from the 80’s and 90’s, these just go on with a sponge and water. But their metallic sheen makes them look like jewelry!

Best used for: Teens, teens, and adults, but kids love them too! They’re just most popular with the older age groups since the designs are a little more sophisticated.

Customers per hour: 10-20

Safety: No allergens here! Just regular temporary tattoos, plus water.

Customization: Custom designs (such as company logos, names, or sports teams) are only available with minimum 2 months notice to be laser cut. Guests will have over 100 gold and silver choices, but will be limited to those choices.

Care and removal: Flash tattoos last 2-4 days and are waterproof, or easily removed with soap and water and scrubbing.

May not be right for you: You’re looking for something colorful or for young kids.


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