Unicorn Party!

April 6, 2020 kscope

Unicorn Themed Party Ideas

New Ideas and Activities for Unicorn Parties

At Kaleidoscope, we’ve been doing Unicorn parties for almost a decade.  We’ve seen the trend go from My Little Ponies to something so much more glittery, sparkly, and iridescent.  In fact, the trend has grown so much that our office staff had a “Unicorn Meeting” so we could brainstorm all the great ways we can make your Unicorn party super original and memorable!  Here they are–take a look, and when you think you’ve found some good choices, our booking specialist can help you with a quote: 

Glitter Tattoos

The simplest and most classic thing we can bring to your party is Glitter Tattoos.  Our artist will bring an array of glitter and tattoo stencils to your party. Using blending techniques and a practiced hand, our artist will apply the tattoos using cosmetic grade glitter glue.  The tattoos stay for 1-3 days and can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. This is a great option for parties that will have a lot of guests that want something quick and easy.



Add Balloon Twisting 

Our balloon twisters are some of the most knowledgeable in the business.  So if you’d like to offer a little extra entertainment at your Unicorn-themed event, add balloon twisting to any of the above packages, and let our twisters make you some incredible art, such as: 

  • Unicorns you can Ride!
  • Fancy Unicorn Headbands
  • Tiny Unicorn Balloon Toys

Let our booking assistant know you are planning a unicorn-themed event, and our balloon twisters will come ready to make Unicorn headbands and Unicorns that you can ride!  




Glitter Looks

Our glitter looks package is the go-to for parties with a Unicorn flair.  We use cosmetic & professional grade glitter gel to create dazzling and sparkly looks including glitter ponytails and glitter beards.  We can highlight your contours with golds, silvers, blues, reds, greens, and purples so bright the whole party will feel the good vibes.  This is a great choice if you will have a lot of teenagers in attendance. 


Glitter Looks + Face Painting

Add face painting to our glitter looks package to upgrade the look!  Classic face painting is only improved with the addition of glitter, and adding face painting to your glitter looks package would enable us to create Unicorn themed faces, such as flower and princess crowns, and offers something for those who are less Unicorn-inclined, and perhaps want something a little more fierce, like a dragon with green glitter, or something simple like a pink heart with some silver specks.  Glitter Looks + Face Painting is the best choice for parties with high attendance and a wide array of ages.  


 Unicorn Horns — The Ultimate Upgrade

There are people who like Unicorns, and then there are People Who Like Unicorns — and if you’re one of the latter (or your child is) then this is the package for you.  For this package, our artist will come stocked with handmade unicorn horn accessories, glittery and in an array of colors.  We use cosmetic grade body glue to attach the horn to the foreheads of bright-eyed children and adults alike. Then, we upgrade the look with glitter gel.  The horns easily peel off skin after application and are made with soft, pliable clay. (No one wants children running around with actual horns on their heads.)  This option is ideal for smaller parties and will create an original and memorable experience for anyone who just can’t get enough of unicorns. 

Mix and Match

Mix and Match any of the above packages (or ask our booking specialist about other packages, such as Magic Shows ) to create your ideal Unicorn experience!  We absolutely love the energy of these parties, and we’re ready to go all out with you until you’ve hit your Unicorn limit!  Contact us to book an artist for your party today!


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