Princess Party Entertainment Ideas

October 19, 2022 kscope

Princess parties are one of the most popular themes we see year after year. But with a limited amount of actresses trying to fill a massive demand, we can’t always fill all of the requests we get for princess parties.

So, instead of simply sending a costumed character to your party, we’ve put together a super-fun package for any princess party: royal makeover parties!

To build your own royal makeover, just combine any of the following packages.

  1. Face painting – great for kids of any gender. Our artists can do all princess faces by request (with an optional pirate or superhero face for anyone who doesn’t want a princess), or can let the kids pick anything they want.
  2. Glitter looks – we combine fine cosmetic glitter and chunky hair glitter to create an over-the-top blinged-out look!
  3. Glitter tattoos – come in a variety of designs for all ages and genders, but add some extra pixie dust to the event.
  4. Hair art – add hair tinsel and hair chalk to a glitter look for even more fun!

The best part about these options is that you can build out an amazing, custom experience on almost any budget by combining 2-4 of the options above.

To request a royal makeover, simply fill out the quote form and select all 4 of the above options. Then, combine artists for a magical party!

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