Caricatures for all of CT, MA, and RI!

June 23, 2014 kscope

We love caricatures, and so will your party guests! Kaleidoscope can provide up to three caricature artists at your event to make it one to remember. Here are a few of the ways we love using caricatures to impress:

5. Get a creative caricature Photo Booth.

Kaleidoscope can provide traditional photo booths for any event. But if you want your event to stand out, try our caricature┬ákeepsakes! We can provide up to three caricature artists for your party and one station operator. Instead of a small booth with props that often cover your guests’ faces, our caricature artists can create something infinitely more unique that capture your guests’ appearance and personality. Then, our station manager copies their caricature and saves it digitally. Your guests take their original to keep and can sign or dedicate the copy for our own caricature photo album! Plus, you can add the electronic versions to your favorite social media or just save them on your computer! And if you’re looking at the bottom line, our caricature artists are generally about the same per-hour as a photo booth, with three times as much versatility.

4. Caricatures are business cards your guests will frame.

For our corporate and nonprofit clients, your job isn’t done once the event ends: you want clients or employees to remember the great time they had for years to come! Guests will post their caricatures online, frame them in their homes, and keep them for decades to come. By inserting your logo into the tshirts of guests, adding your headquarters or famous product into the background, or even physically writing in the date and location of the event, clients will remember where they got the caricature, and what your event meant to them.

3. Caricatures are better than goodie bags… and the same price!

For weddings, birthday parties, and employee picnics, keep-sakes are a popular addition to the party. But ranging anywhere from $7-50 dollars a gift, the price-tag for something that guests quickly forget about is one to consider. Caricatures are kept for years and decades and end up averaging about $12 per face. Not only that, but they double as entertainment! These two reasons combined are by far the most popular reason for caricature artists at the parties Kaleidoscope serves.

2. Caricatures are great for mixed-age groups.

Throwing a Sweet 16? Caricatures! There will be a few younger cousins there? Caricatures! What about Grampa? Caricatures! And her super-cool football-playing crush is coming? Caricatures! And the party is doubling as a wedding/bar mitzvah/family reunion/company picnic? Caricatures!!!!

Caricatures are literally perfect for every audience. They make amazing keepsakes for families with young children, and grandparents get the same kick out of them. They’re fun for friends and couples (and a great alternative to selfies), and because of their small setup and low-key vibe, they’re never out of place: from weddings to music festivals.

1. Let our caricature artists help check off your guests’ bucket lists!

You would not believe the amount of party guests who approach our caricature artists with “I’ve always wanted to do this!” or “I can’t believe I’m finally getting a caricature!”. Most of our clients have only seen caricature artists at over priced theme parks or selling cheap cartoons of famous people. Having them for free at an event is not only a luxury, but is often something they’ve always wanted to do! The biggest reason we love our caricature artists is because they make your guests feel amazing every time, and create memories that last a lifetime.

We would love to answer any of your questions about our caricature artists and service all of CT, MA, and RI. For a quote or to talk some more, you can contact us any time at!


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