March 21, 2024 kscope

As Taylor Swift makes her mark as one of human history’s most loved musical artists, a Taylor Swift Eras Tour-themed party stands out as the ultimate celebration for Swifties of all ages.

This unique party theme not only pays homage to Taylor’s iconic eras, but also offers a spectacular blend of fun, glamour, and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re planning a kids’ birthday party, a gathering for teens, or a nostalgic event for adults, these five entertainment ideas will elevate your Taylor Swift-themed party to legendary status.

1. Taylor Swift Karaoke: A Journey Through the Eras

Karaoke, a timeless party favorite, takes a Swiftie twist as guests belt out hits from Taylor’s diverse discography. Transform your party space into a mini concert arena where guests can step into Taylor’s shoes, performing their favorite tracks from the “Fearless” country roots to the synth-pop vibes of “1989” and the indie-folk tales of “Folklore.”

How to Implement:

  • Set the Stage: Depending on your budget, you can either deck out your entire event venue in different eras, or even just use one space as the “main stage” for karaoke and concentrate a smaller decore budget on this one space.
  • Keep is simple: Consider working with a professional DJ who will bring, set up, and operate a DJ set up, wireless mics, speakers, and a screen. Often, hiring a professional with better equipment is around the same price as buying your own cheaper setup.
  • Eras Playlist: Make sure your karaoke DJ is equipped with music from every Era.
  • Dress Code: Encourage guests to dress inspired by their favorite Taylor Swift era, adding an extra layer of immersion and fun to the performances.
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2. Glitter Look Makeovers: Shine Like Taylor

In true Taylor Swift fashion, a glam makeover station invites guests to embrace their inner pop star with glittery looks and sparkling make-up. This activity not only adds a touch of glamour to your Eras tour-themed party but also encourages guests to experiment with bold, eye-catching styles.

How to Implement:

  • Professional Makeup Artists: Hire makeup artists to give guests glittery makeovers, channeling the glitz and glamour of Taylor’s stage looks.
  • Glamour Shots Station: Designate a “glamour selfie” area or photo booth with perfect lighting for guests to showcase their glittery makeovers, further enhancing the interactive experience.
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3. Digital Photo Booth: Capture the Memories

A digital photo booth, adorned with props and backdrops inspired by the visuals of Taylor’s music videos and album covers, provides a modern twist on capturing memories. This interactive experience allows guests to take home a piece of the magic, immortalizing their themed outfits and joyful moments.

How to Implement:

  • Themed Props: Offer props related to Taylor’s music, such as guitars, microphones, heart-shaped sunglasses, and iconic items from her videos.
  • Era-Specific Backdrops: Design backdrops for the photo booth that reflect the glitzy and over-the-top party theme, from gold sparkles to red velvet.
  • Instant Sharing: Utilize a digital photo booth setup that allows guests to instantly share their photos on social media, tagging your event and spreading the Swiftie spirit online.
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4. Hair Art: Express Your Era

Hair art, including hair chalk, glitter, and hair tinsel, offers a unique and colorful way to celebrate Taylor Swift’s musical journey. This playful activity not only allows guests to express their creativity but also to embody the spirit of their favorite Taylor Swift era through their hairstyles.

How to Implement:

  • Hair Art Station: Hire professional party artists who can come equipped with hair chalk, glitter, and tinsel in a variety of colors to match Taylor’s album themes.
  • Hair Artists: Have skilled hair artists on hand to help guests achieve their desired looks, ensuring everyone feels like a star.
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5. Glitter Tattoos: Temporary Tributes

Glitter tattoos add a sparkling, ephemeral tribute to Taylor Swift’s impact and the indelible mark her music leaves on fans. These tattoos, featuring iconic Taylor Swift imagery and lyrics, offer a fun and non-permanent way for guests to wear their Swiftie pride.

How to Implement:

  • Swiftie Tattoo Parlor: Set up a dedicated area for the glitter tattoo application, complete with comfortable seating and good lighting. Ask your glitter tattoo artist about designs available for the event theme.
  • All Ages Fun: Ensure all glitter that is put on guests is cosmetic-grade skin-safe (and not craft-grade, which can harm eyes or lungs), making this activity inclusive for guests of all ages, from kids birthday parties to adult gatherings.
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October 4, 2022 kscope
Clients looking to hire a magician for their upcoming event normally have two options: strolling magic or a magic show.
We asked our resident magicians Kenny and James (as well as our booking agent Jessica) to help us explain the differences so every client can book the best fit for their upcoming event.

What is the difference between strolling magic and a magic show?


Our magician James performing a stage show

James: In a magic show, there’s a boundary between the “stage” area and the “audience” area.  While volunteers from the audience are often invited up on stage, and the magician frequently makes forays into the audience, there’s a demarcation.  The stage (or “platform” or “parlor”) magic show is longer — often half an hour or 45 minutes — with several routines consisting of several tricks, to provide a cohesive whole with a theme.  Think of a one-act play.

In strolling magic, the magician approaches individuals or small groups (three to five folks, typically) to present one to three tricks.  The magic is more like a conversation than a stage play.  Often the members of the audience touch and examine the props, and the magic itself takes place in the spectators’ hands.  People sitting a dinner, folks waiting in line for some other event, people standing about — they are the ones who have a bit of magic touch their lives.  It’s up close and personal.

Kenny: My personal show is a 50/50 mix of comedy and classic magic with a twist of clown charm. You can expect to see me on a stage while I go through one trick after another with plenty of helpers and laughs. Like most magicians, every show I do is largely the same with some adjustments for the event.

My strolling magic is more clowning around. I do plenty of magic, but can cater each interaction to the event and individuals there. That might be some puppets, juggling, clown gags, balloon twisting, or anything else–all depending on what I think will work best for the audience.

What audiences does *your* strolling magic land best with?

James: For me, it’s often folks above the age of six or seven, though young adults through twenties seem to enjoy it most.

Kenny: My strolling magic is great for all ages, like an animated movie that’s made for kids ages 5-9 but has plenty of jokes and puns for teens and adults.

When would you recommend strolling magic over a show?

James the magician performing strolling magic at a public event

James: Would having everyone sit in rows looking in one direction fit in with your plan for the event?  Then go with a show.  A corporate dinner and awards presentation, for example. If you have more freedom of motion, mingling, and random movement with no fixed schedule for various phases of the day, go with strolling.

Kenny: I recommend strolling magic for fairs & similar big events where there is 100s off people to entertain a few at a time
Jessica: In my experience planning events with clients, event organizers who don’t have a formal schedule for their event often like the flexibility of having a magician wander through the audience.

When would you recommend a show over strolling magic?

Kenny performing a stage show at a school event

James: When there’s a schedule, when you expect folks to be all in one place at one time, then go with a show.  If it’s mingling/freeform, then go with strolling.

Kenny: Private parties, corporate events, big events if there is ample seating.
Jessica: Clients who are booking entertainment with the goal of keeping kids contained often prefer a show so the kids can sit down while parents talk amongst themselves (or also hang out and enjoy the show!

About how many guests will interact with you an hour?

James: For a show — all of them, all at once. For strolling, probably forty people an hour will be directly involved, with as many more looking on as random chance may provide.

Kenny: In a strolling set I can entertain 15-30 people, depending on how amped up the kids or adults are.

What sort of tricks should guests be ready to see in *your* strolling set?

Kenny strolling on a boat for a private summer camp event

James: Folks should expect to see dice, coins, rings, strings, dollar bills.  They’ll see classic sleight-of-hand using ordinary objects.  They’ll experience the magic in their own hands.

Kenny: Gravity manipulation with water, magic bags they can reach into, a cheeky puppet named Sherbert, ball juggling, and of course plenty of clowning around!

April 6, 2020 kscope

Ever wonder what’s in face paint? (Is it really paint? Does it have any peanuts, soy, milk, or animal products? What about latex? Heavy metals?) What about perfumes? Is it okay for sensitive skin?

We use only 2 supplies for 2 brands of face paint–“face paint” being a misnomer since what we really put on children’s faces is kid-friendly makeup.  Face paint should never be done with actual paints! Our makeup is free of cancer-causing metals, unlike actual paint, all safe for skin, and cruelty-free.

Below is a full list of all of our face paint brands and their ingredient lists. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office during the booking process and we’d be happy to answer them!


March 26, 2017 kscope

Olivia G began working at Kaleidoscope in May of 2015 as a high schooler who heard about a face painter princess job through her local high school theatre program.

Since then, she’s become one of our most seasoned face painters, balloon twisters, and performers! Olivia has since graduated first high school and then from Stonehill College with a double major in biology and secondary education. While not entertaining at events, Olivia is public school science teacher in Massachusetts who balances her love of education with her passion for the arts.

Olivia is a Ellington, Connecticut native who now lives in the Greater Boston area and entertains throughout southern New England, so no matter where your party is you may see her soon!

Hire her for:

  • Face painting
  • Balloon twisting
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Airbrush tattoos
  • Princess parties
  • Mascot visit
  • Silly science show

A child smiling at the camera with a face painter octopus on her face

Face Painter Interview with Olivia

When and why did you start working at Kaleidoscope?

May of 2015. A recruiter came to Ellington High School theatre program and I thought…who doesn’t want to be a princess for a living? Sign me up! 😀

What is your favorite part of Face Painting?

Nothing beats turning around the mirror to somebody and seeing their face light up with joy 🙂 It’s one of the best feelings in the world!

What are people’s reactions when you tell them You’re a professional Kids Party Entertainer?

It’s hard for them to wipe the shock off their face. Especially when they know I teach high school biology on top of it. They always wonder which came first: the science or the art?!? I always tell them I was born to do both 🙂

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about what you do?

That I teach high school science on top of my KScope artistry! People always think you’re either a sciencey-STEM person or an artsy-creative peep. You can always be both! Break the mold and do what makes your heart happy!

What do you think your superpower as a face painter or balloon twister is?

Being able to engage everybody at the party. I will get all the kids AND adults to participate! Face painting has no age limits 🙂

What’s your favorite part of being a Professional artist?

Having a creative outlet. I never like being put into a box — and being able to freely create with paints, balloons, and characters wakes up my brain and keeps it fresh. Always keeping me on my toes!

What’s one piece of advice you give to every parent planning a birthday party?

Sit back, relax, and have fun. You’ve planned such an amazing event and put in so much hard work – you deserve to enjoy it too!

What’s one thing you want every corporate event planner to know?

Please bring us water!!! And put us in the shade if you can! Usually these events are longer than normal and we want to be in optimal shape for the entire party 🙂