July 26, 2018 kscope

Upgrade your face painter or balloon twister by hiring a clown! With cute outfits that aren’t intimating to kids and  fun activities for every age, April and Kenny are two of our most popular entertainers.

What makes our clowns different?

  • They’re never scary to kids. We ditched the all-white faces, huge floppy shoes, and frumpy outfits. Our clowns look more like the adults kids meet every day, but with colorful outfits and hair.
  • They’re both professionals: Kenny is an art teacher and professional artist; April is a professional hair and makeup artist, and a mom of two.
  • They’re super-duper talented. No silly balloon dogs here – our face painting and balloon twisting is held only to the highest standards! Jumbo animal twisting, super-fun faces, and more!
  • We have age-appropriate activities. We won’t simply suggest face painting or balloon twisting for every age group–because some of our littlest party-goers may be too tiny to participate! Scroll down to learn more about some of our clown packages.


June 20, 2017 kscope

Looking for a family magic show that’s as funny as it is magical? Call Kenny!

Kenny’s kid’s comedy magic show is family-friendly where Kenny just can’t seem to get it right! From exploding props to puppets who play tricks on him, Kenny will have every kid at your event rolling with laughter and screaming for more. His show has a retro-magic vibe with a modern and cartoonish flair.


March 8, 2017 kscope

April the Clown was the pet project of former Kaleidoscope artist and mom Ali, who left our team once her child was old enough to move back into the full-time workforce. When she left, Ali trained a team of Aprils to replace her to keep up with demand.

April is a Kaleidoscope character and one of our most popular party entertainers!

We’ve had a lot of questions about April and with the National Clown Shortage going on (yes, that’s a thing), we figured we’d address some of them.


November 27, 2016 kscope

Kaleidoscope specializes in parties with multiple characters, because our actors are trained to work together to bring stories come to life! The past box office years have seen some big adventure stories which makes these princesses and their friends the perfect choice for parties of any size, age, or gender.

Remember: because mascots are picture-perfect, check on these differences between mascots and face characters so you pick the best package for your party.