April the Clown

March 8, 2017 kscope

April the Clown was the pet project of former Kaleidoscope artist and mom Ali, who left our team once her child was old enough to move back into the full-time workforce. When she left, Ali trained a team of Aprils to replace her to keep up with demand.

April is a Kaleidoscope character and one of our most popular party entertainers!

We’ve had a lot of questions about April and with the National Clown Shortage going on (yes, that’s a thing), we figured we’d address some of them.

Why are there multiple actresses? Can I pick one?

We have one universal April uniform, packages, and standards because she is SO popular, likely the actress you’d request will be sold out (or so far away you’d have to pay a huge travel fee). But when you order April the Clown, you always get the same details you want with whichever actress is best for your party.

What does she do?

April has 2 big packages:

1 – Our Toddler Package! April does some singalong songs, simple copying games, and balloon twisting for toddlers. This is MUCH more appropriate for little friends than some of our older-kid games packages or face painting.

2 – An Arts Clown! April will face paint or balloon twist in costume, but won’t clown. She’ll still interact with the kids in her silly and loving character, but will primarily be a face painter or balloon twister.

April is NOT  a traditional clown, but a perfectly colorful costumed character for when you want a clown to match your party theme that will never be scary or old-fashioned.

What does his outfit look like?

Have you heard of coulrophobia before? Clown phobias are a real thing. Big white faces, weird red lips, curly-maybe-balding hair… it’s not something a lot of people are comfortable with!

The best way to describe April is “a costume raver on a Sunday morning”. Her outfit is neon, rainbow, and inspired by the cutest parts of raver culture, but layered and conservative enough for a church picnic. It’s over-the-top, layered to pieces, and never scary!

What if I want a traditional clown?

Check out Kenny the Clown!



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