Bubble Free Play Station

June 4, 2024 kscope

Are you looking to add bubbles to your party in CT, MA, or RI?

The Bubble Free Play Station is a hands-on, no-fuss station that can be added to any face painting, balloon twisting, or glitter tattoo package.

Bubble Free Play

Your face painter, balloon twister, or glitter tattoo artist will set up a station on tables (which we ask you, the client, to provide). The free play station includes:

  • 2 bubble blowing machines
  • A dozen bubble wands of different shapes and colors
  • Several gallons of professional-grade bubble fluid

The kids are welcome to play with and explore the bubbles while the artist sits down for face painting, balloon twisting, or glitter tattoos.

Then, for the final 30min of the event, the artist will play some bubble games with the kids.

We recommend the bubble free play station for kids ages 2-10, although it can be enjoyed by all ages. There are enough supplies for about 10 children at at times.

bubble Party FAQ

Is this a foam party?

NO. The Bubble Play Station is more of a sensory station with toys.

The Foam Party is a giant dance party inside bubble bath liquid (see below photo).

We recommend the Foam Party for a high-energy activity that stands alone in a party.

We recommend the Bubble Play Station as a low-key, sensory table for kids to play with.

An example of a foam party. Foam parties are NOT bubble parties!

do you do a bubble show?

The Bubble Free Play Station is NOT a bubble show, however we do have one! Check out our bubble show here.

What Games do you Play in the Play station?

Our play station is built to be a free play station without rules, contests, winners, or losers. After the show, most kids just want to get their hands on the bubbles to play (and we can’t blame them!)

The artist will engage the kids by blowing bubbles, making jokes, and inviting them to play. However, if you want structured games, check out our toddler packages.

Is the bubble liquid safe?

Yes! The bubble mix we create in-house is free from any products containing latex, soy, animal products, tree nuts, peanuts, fragrance, or any other common allergen (since everyone will likely end up with a few splashes of it).

The ingredients of our bubble fluid are:

  • 75% Distilled water
  • 24% Dawn dish soap
  • 0.1% Baking soda
  • 0.1% J Lube, a water-based agricultural lubricant consisting of 25% polyethylene polymer (polyethylene oxide) and 75% dispersing agent (sucrose)

The small amount of bubble liquid is as safe for skin, eyes, lawns, or carpets as Dawn dish soap is.

can we host the bubble show indoors or outdoors?

The bubble show will make a small mess, and the liquid is extremely slippery.

Our bubble entertainers will also provide some towels for the space local to the show/stations, as well as an OSHA-grade non-slip matt for the bubble photo booth.

However, to truly create a safe bubble show, our bubble packages can only be performed under certain conditions.

  • INDOORS on carpeted surfaces
  • OUTDOORS¬† on lawns, black tops, or outdoor flooring
  • ON A STAGE of any type. (Show only; the bubble photo booth and play station must be on carpet or outdoors on lawns or black tops.)

Some examples of perfect set ups include:

  • Carpeted hotel ballrooms
  • Rented venues or conference centers with carpeted floors
  • Outdoors under gazebos, tents, or garages
  • Outdoors in a backyard under the shade of some trees
  • Outdoors on large decks or patios
  • Sports fields with astroturf

If you book an outdoor event, we can accommodate a change of venue with 12hrs advance or can reschedule your event with 24hrs notice. However, we are unable to hold any rain dates at this time.

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