Magic and Games with Lexi!

February 21, 2023 kscope

Lexi is one of Kaleidoscope’s premier party entertainers, who would love to come to your next event for magic, games, and tons of fun!

Whether it’s as a fairy, mermaid, pirate, or cute clown, Lexi’s packages are perfect for younger kids ages 2-6 and for parties looking for a little extra sparkle in their entertainment. Whether it’s a toddler party full of repeat-after-me singalong songs and parachute games, or a magic show where kids get to test out their own magical abilities, every event with Lexi focuses on interactivity, age-appropriate activities, and lots of bright colors.


Lexi’s FAQ

Is Lexi only for girls?

Nope! Lexi’s character is kind, funny, energetic, and full of curiosity. Kids of any gender can relate to her, and while she specializes in ages 2-6, kids up until middle school will enjoy her entertainment style.

What kind of Games does Lexi Play with Kids?

Lexi’s games packages are very similar to our toddler party packages. Depending on the age, number, and energy of the kids, Lexi will play simple games that are a mix of repeat-after-me songs (like you might remember from summer camp growing up), classic games like hot/cold or red rover (themed to whichever character she’s playing), and parachute games (as long as the space is big enough for a 16′ parachute).

Games will very with different parties, as we leave it up to Lexi to gauge her audience and space.

Can Lexi Come to do strolling magic at my large event? or do a large-scale stage show?

Lexi’s packages are specially formulated for smaller parties: specifically, groups small enough that kids can participate in her magic show and play games with her. Part of her charm would be lost in a large event, so if you’re going to have more than 40 kids we recommend Kenny the Clown (who Lexi apprenticed under during her magic training) or James (a master magician with more than 50 years of experience.

Likewise, Lexi doesn’t currently do strolling magic. Instead, she plays to her strengths as an improvisational actress and focuses on one-on-one experiences during her small shows. (Again, for strolling magic we would recommend any of our other magicians.)

Who is Lexi?

Lexi is a character played by professional actress Alexis Thomasi. Alexis has been involved in theatre, musical and otherwise, since the age of 11. Since she can remember, she has always had an affinity for the arts. She’s been in productions at various theatres over the years, with some of her favorite roles including Janet in The Rocky Horror Show, Gloria in Boeing Boeing, Kathy in Company, and Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods (all pictured below). In addition to all of this, Alexis has worked in improvisational dinner theatre and worked on the Kaleidoscope office team voice actress for many of the videos you see on this website.


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