April 9, 2022 kscope

Why is face painting so expensive? Why do you have to pay so much to have a princess come to your party? Why can’t you just have a 30min mascot visit?

Because almost all of our clients are party parents on a budget (although most of our income is actually from corporate clients on an even tighter budget) we’ve always put a lot of effort into keeping our prices down and our packages flexible enough for everyone to afford.

But we also understand it can be frustrating when you don’t see a package or price you had hoped for. So in the spirit of transparency in our business and respect for our clients, we published a breakdown of why, exactly, party entertainment can be so pricey.


April 6, 2020 kscope

Ever wonder what’s in face paint? (Is it really paint? Does it have any peanuts, soy, milk, or animal products? What about latex? Heavy metals?) What about perfumes? Is it okay for sensitive skin?

We use only 2 supplies for 2 brands of face paint–“face paint” being a misnomer since what we really put on children’s faces is kid-friendly makeup.  Face paint should never be done with actual paints! Our makeup is free of cancer-causing metals, unlike actual paint, all safe for skin, and cruelty-free.

Below is a full list of all of our face paint brands and their ingredient lists. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office during the booking process and we’d be happy to answer them!


January 31, 2017 kscope


Christine B is one of Kaleidoscope’s longest-tenured crew members and best-reviewed entertainers!

Christine went to Worcester State University and graduated with a BA in Visual and Performing Arts, and has been performing since elementary school–first in church in school choirs, and by fourth grade in theatre productions. By the time she entered WSU, she was not only in the school’s performing arts major but in their a cappella choir, the chorale, and went with the group on a brief European tour.
On top of all of this, Christine has been working with kids since middle school–first as a volunteer in her church’s nursery, and eventually as a baby sitter, Montessori educator, and YMCA arts and crafts instructor.
Currently Christine makes her full-time living as an artist between Kaleidoscope, as a part-time nanny, and a regional puppeteer.
Christine currently works as a variety of cartoon characters (including princesses and super heroes), circus performer (stilts, juggling, and more!), tarot reader, and of course a visual artist (balloon twisting, face painting, paint night instructor, and henna artist just to name a few).
November 27, 2016 kscope

Kaleidoscope specializes in parties with multiple characters, because our actors are trained to work together to bring stories come to life! The past box office years have seen some big adventure stories which makes these princesses and their friends the perfect choice for parties of any size, age, or gender.

Remember: because mascots are picture-perfect, check on these differences between mascots and face characters so you pick the best package for your party.