June 5, 2015 kscope

Super Hero parties are one of the most popular themes of the year for any age or gender. The reasons most companies don’t offer super hero performers are a little less than obvious:

  • Expensive fiberglass costumes make heroes a pretty expensive entertainment–out of the budget of most birthday parties
  • Kids interact with heroes the ways they’ve seen them interacted with. (Which, unfortunately, means they usually try to fight the heroes.)
  • Costumes that involve masks make it hard to interact with children in the same way our princesses do.

So, instead of simply sending a costumed character to your party, we’ve put together a super-fun package for any super hero party: Build Your Own Hero! For the same budget as sending in a super hero (if not less) we have a special package for all of our favorite little heroes and villains:


August 21, 2014 kscope

Caricatures are a wild hit at parties, and our caricatures artists are amazing! Kaleidoscope hand selects caricature artists trained by the best, have amazing personalities, and at minimum a BFA.

Bringing multiple caricature artists to corporate events or fundraisers is becoming more and more popular. For many event coordinators this is the first time they’ve managed caricature artists, so here are a few tips to help your event run smoothly!


August 4, 2014 kscope
Caricature artists are an awesome addition to any event, and there are a lot of awesome benefits to having them at your next party, fundraiser, or corporate event in CT, MA, or RI.
Our caricature artist Marissa came up with five tips to make sure caricatures run smoothly at your next event so your guests have a great time. Kaleidoscope’s goal is always to make sure your event is perfect, so we hope this helps!