Kaleidoscope is Hiring Characters!

June 25, 2021 kscope

Kaleidoscope is hiring character actors in all of CT, MA, NH, and RI! Positions pay a high hourly rate and travel–get paid to be the life of a party! No experience is required since we train for everything. Just make sure you meet the requirements and want to learn some new fun skills. Now Hiring:


  1. PRINCESSES – Princesses must be able to sing, but all skin tones needed, and many dress sizes considered.
  2. SUPERHEROES – Men and women both welcome! All skin tones considered and some different costume sizes considered but should be (mostly) clean-shaven–although you don’t need to be able to sing.
  3. CIRCUS PERFORMERS – Want to learn stilt walking, juggling, or magic? All genders, sizes, and ages are welcome.
  4. All characters are additionally trained on balloon twisting and may be able to pick up non-character working hours for extra shifts.




  • We’ll train you and give you all the costumes or supplies you need (see training section)
  • Gigs are typically 1.5-3hrs long and you get about one gig a weekend
  • You’ll get your schedule a week in advanced
  • Basically, you check where we book a party in advance and that day you head on over to the event, make everyone smile, and have a great time. (Yes, it’s actually that easy.)
  • Work part-time on weekends with flexibility
  • Training takes generally about 9-12hrs, spread over a few weekends before you start working


  • PRINCESSES – 1 year of acting, singing, or childcare experience professionally or in school. Must be able to submit headshots (selfies ok) and 2 vocal samples. Princesses of any race, ethnicity, and skin tone would be a great addition to our team, but dress sizes 0-12 preferred for costuming.
  • SUPERHEROES – 1 year of acting, singing, or childcare experience professionally or in school. Superheroes of all races, ethnicities, and skin tones would be a great addition to our team, but mostly-thin or semi-athletic builds are needed for customing (although we are very, very flexible with that definition!)
  • CIRCUS PERFORMERS – You must have 1 year of experience (professional or educational) working with children, working with the public, and/or in the performing arts. All genders, body types, ages, and backgrounds welcome!
  • We do not do auditions – We require headshots and vocal samples before any interviews, but then do a regular interview (since the biggest parts of the job are personality, reliability, and responsibility.)
  • This is a great job for high school or college students, moms, or anyone looking for PT weekend work. No degree required, just some experience doing something similar.
  • MUST have own car and valid driver’s license
  • MUST be fun, out going, professional and love working with children
  • MUST be comfortable working by yourself, have good self-management skills, and full weekend availability
  • MUST be able to pass a background check against any child abuse charges


  • Send your resume over: no need for anything overly formal.
  • Interviews will take place over the weekends in CT, MA, and RI. (We’ll have several dates or so for you to choose from.)
  • ACTORS AND ARTISTS – Please submit any vocal samples, headshots, or portfolios ahead of time
  • CIRCUS PERFORMERS – Just tell us why you think you’d love to learn!
  • It’s just a normal interview – we interview in coffee shops since they’re nice and public, so no auditions.



All positions start at $30/hr but go up from there based on things like time spent with our company, additional training, etc.

You can expect around 2 parties per weekend

Parties have a 1.5hr minimum but average 2-3hrs (with some being quite a bit longer).

We also give artists travel fees if they have to drive more than 30min from home

We also pay different types bonuses and encourage clients to tip you




Artists who thrive here are great communicators, don’t mind driving, and love working with the public.

Artists who burn out are normally more interested in performing/arts than working with other people or aren’t good about communicating/balancing schedules.

We love working with students and moms since weekend jobs can be a great scheduling fit. We’ll be happy to work around anything from finals week to another pregnancy, but will always stress communication and flexibility so we can plan as a team.

We’re also proudly an LGBTQIA2+ friendly workplace! All sexuality/gender identities and expressions are welcome for most entertainment positions, although “princess” and “male hero” are unfortunately more restrictive because of popular media representations.

The same goes for performers who are from different ethnic or racial backgrounds, ages, different religions or are differently-abled. We pride ourselves on building good working relations with everyone here.



For prior planning, training will take place in both our Hartford, CT and Worcester, MA offices (you can pick whichever is closer to you to train at), BUT you will be working on actual events much closer to home.

(Basically, once you’re trained you have all of your stuff on you at home so you go straight to where ever you’re working that day. The average commute is 30-45min away from home, with travel pay.)

Training takes about 12 hours and is unpaid but after that, you’ll be making better money than any other part-time job in existence. Training is spread out over several weekends with some at-home practice homework.



Email [MarissaBlaszkoATgmail,com] with a resume, any head shots / portfolio work, references, or anything else you’d like to send over!



I don’t have a car but I have a reliable parent, friend, or can use public transport. That’s fine right? Sorry, this one is REALLY important to us since a lot of our work is out in the suburbs and your ride would have to wait 90min-3hrs for you. It just hasn’t worked out in the past for us.


It says full weekend availability – but what about church, temple, community theatre, or my other job? We’re happy to make exceptions if you have religious services that you attend, but if you do community theatre 4 months out and need those weekends off here (or think you can juggle two weekend jobs) it’s not going to be a good fit. Our schedule is a bit tricky, but event work is like that.


How do we schedule or get put on parties? You don’t have to do anything – we have awesome marketing and customer service people in our office. We do all of the office work for you – you just go to the event you’re assigned and head off! (But if you’re curious, we have a lot of return customers and are growing through word of mouth, so we really need to hire entertainers right now to keep up with how many people are looking to hire our awesome artists.)


Why are the trainings unpaid? Because of your previous experience you’ll be a 1099 contractor–we won’t be taking taxes out of your paycheck, and we help you stay organized so with deductions you won’t owe any. The only downside is that we cannot pay for trainings unless you’ve already been trained. (If you already do what we do, then no trainings needed!) Our team really likes this solution long-term, so we’re sticking with it.


Do I have to buy anything? How do I get supplies? Nope – you don’t invest any money in anything. (You’d be surprised how many people think this job is too good to be true.) Just come to the trainings to get a handle on the job and when you’re done we hand you all the stuff you need and your log-in to the schedule. It’s really that easy.



So why does this seem too good to be true? Because most bosses are horrible and treat workers like garbage. We don’t want to be like that. We want awesome people who we would like to treat accordingly.


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