August 28, 2022 kscope

Bianca is one of our newest princess performers, balloon twisters, and party artists. She started as a party entertainer with Kaleidoscope in 2022, and brings an impressive background as an entertainer both through cosplay and as a professional Twitch streamer. Here’s what she has to say about herself:

My name is Bianca, and I am an avid cosplayer, Twitch affiliate, and Disney fanatic. Although I originally adapted my makeup and costume skills as a cosplayer, I was given many opportunities to truly shape my craft while performing at events and immersing myself fully into the characters I love. I understand the difference between cosplay and a professional acting gig and the sheer importance of creating memorable experiences for families and children. I’ve worked with children for many years, having started my adult career as a camp counselor for 4 years. I pay special attention to character details, personality traits, and lore related to the universe they come from. I often hyperfocus on these details because they help the characters come alive.

I am Mexican-American, and I take great pride in my Latina heritage and culture. I’ve always been particularly enamored by Honey Lemon from the 2014 Disney film, Big Hero 6; but, I also deeply connect with Queen Elsa and Rapunzel. It always brings me great joy to portray the latter characters, who are prominently depicted as Caucasian, because it shows others (and especially children of color!) that their favorite Disney princesses can look just like them!

At Kaleidoscope, Bianca will be interpreting a number of princesses, pirates, and fairies that are unique to her. 

We’d love to introduce you to Bianca at your next event!

August 13, 2015 kscope

After traveling all the way from the second star to the right and then traveling straight till morning, fairies have arrived at Kaleidoscope Art & Entertainment. Dressed up in fun and dreamlike dresses fairies will sure be a hit at your next fairy themed event. Just like all our princesses, our fairies are all trained in either child care or the performing arts. Plus, our fairies have received further fairy training, teaching them how to flutter just the perfect way and how to use pixie dust properly in order to make sure your fairy party is perfect.