Snow Day Policy!

January 6, 2017 kscope

What happens if you cancel? Do we ever cancel?

With New England winter parties, the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Our previous policy was revised in the winter of 2015-2016 when one of our artists got into a minor accident on a back road to the following:

  1. Safety first!
  2. For any days that expect snow or or are presently snowing, you’ll get a text that morning from our office to see if your party is still on.
  3. You can cancel or reschedule your party with as little as 4hrs notice for snow days without losing your deposit. (Sometimes, it’s hard to call the weather until right before hand.) Of course, the more notice the better.
  4. If you want to reschedule or cancel, we keep your deposit but can move it to any event you throw in the next 365 days. You can also choose to gift the deposit (normally $100 per artist) to any friends, family, nonprofits, or companies.
  5. If you’re having the party, we will try to make it! But if our artist doesn’t feel it’s safe for them to go out, we trust their judgement. Instead, we dispatch a snow-day standby artist from our office via 4 wheel drive truck.
  6. For arts packages, we should be able to get you your original order without problem. For character packages, there may be a chance we have to give you a downgraded arts package instead of the character you were hoping for. You can choose to either cancel and have your deposit refunded, or do an arts package for a discounted price. (Ex: you were hoping for a face painting princess, but can choose for a non-princess face painter at a discounted rate instead.
  7. We hope our clients will be flexible where, in the instance we have to dispatch a stand-by artist due to weather, we may be late or have to slightly alter the package.
  8. If we have to cancel due to severe weather, we will fully refund you. (So far, we’ve only done this once in our decade of operations.)

Please ask our office about any questions you have, but we’re working hard to balance fun and safety. We’ll be as transparent as possible and would love feedback or additional ideas!


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