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Does your school, nonprofit, or fundraiser need some entertainment? From airbrush tattoos and face painters to balloon twisters and puppet shows, we have special non-profit packages customized for clients looking to do build a better world on a budget.

Finding entertainment on a limited budget can be hard, but Kaleidoscope can provide the best value face painting on the market.

With our Grab-and-Go booths, you can hire face painters, balloon twisters, and temporary tattoo artists that provide high-quality and lightning-fast designs to help you draw guests and raise money. Here’s how it works:

  • Our office will quote you for your event for our speedy designs, including discounts for 501C3 organizations and school or community fundraiser events.
  • We will provide you with images and marketing materials to boost event numbers that are high-resolution enough for billboards and shareable for social media.
  • We’ll work with you to recoup and raise funds through tricks like donation and tip jars, selling tickets for face painting or balloon twisting, raffle donations, and more.

On average, one of our “speedy” artists can create up to 30 designs per hour. If you charge $3-5 per face (compared with the $12-20 prices at most theme parks) you can use entertainment to draw a crowd while recouping all costs.

We know our speedy system works, and so do our return clients: The Komen Foundation, CT Children’s Medical Center,  Hartford Hospital, JDRF, the American Red Cross, St. Jude’s, Foodshare, and dozens more.


Ultimately, matter which entertainers you go with, we highly suggest using professional entertainers at your next event.

  • Most free or cheap face painters and balloon twisters can create up to 8-10 designs per hour.  (Compare that to our speedy faces designs which can serve up to 25-30 guests per hour.)  Someone who is working at a less-than-professional rate may seem like a good deal, but may actually cost you more per child than the professionals. (One of our former clients sent us this hilarious article a while back called Face Painting: How Hard Can It Be?)
  • Make sure entertainers can meet guests’ special needs. If your guests need ASL service, Spanish translations, are on the autism spectrum, or are developmentally disabled, make sure you ask! Our face painters, balloon twisters, and clowns are some of the most talented artists and childcare professionals in CT, MA, and RI. Read more here.
  • The safety of your clients, customers, and employees should be first priority. Our face painting “paints” are actually FDA-compliant cosmetics and we are fully insured–practices which should be the standard in all event entertainment. We are the safest choice!
  • Hygiene is important! We use only one sponge per child and wash our brushes in makeup cleaner between strokes. We will never send an artist to work if they’re sick (even a little cough) and can answer any of your questions about the cleanliness of our work. Again, while this should be standard practice, we encourage all event organizers to ask companies they’re working with about their hygiene practices.
  • All of our artists are screened against child abuse background checks. We are one of the only companies that provide this promise.
  • Read what our clients are saying about any company you choose to work with online on Google and Facebook. We provide excellent service every time!

If you are still worried about hiring professionals, we’ve also come up with a handy guide to make sure your volunteers provide safe and quality face painting at your event.

Kaleidoscope specializes in large-scale events for nonprofits of any size. We would love to help make your event successful and support your mission within your budget!

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