Accessibility and Inclusion in Event Entertainment

April 17, 2024 kscope

Children of all abilities and needs deserve to have fun!

At Kaleidoscope, we truly love entertaining kids and never want anyone to feel left out. As part of our commitment to safe, hygienic, and ethical practices, we have an Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant on our team with the mission to “create products and grow artists which help make events magical for everyone”.

Our Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant’s duties include:

  • consulting on-call based on roadblocks and problems that Kaleidoscope has run into while serving children with autism, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental illness, or any special needs;
  • creating semi-annual trainings for artists to further our commitment to accessibility and inclusion;
  • and overseeing various aspects of product development in order to build accessibility and inclusion into everything we do.

About our Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant

Kayleen Gerow, M.S, BCBA, LABA is a former Kaleidoscope Alumna who worked here between 2015 and 2020 as a princess, face painter, and paint night instructor. After completing her B.S. in psychology, her M.S. in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and going on to become a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, Kayleen left Kaleidoscope and has since helped hundreds of children on the spectrum.

In 2024, Kayleen returned to Kaleidoscope in her new role: Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant. With her in-depth knowledge of how our company works and what our artists expect on events, we believe that Kayleen has the best insight in our industry to make sure that the events we entertain at are amazing for everyone.

(Just for fun, you can see some photos of Kayleen’s characters and work from her artistic tenure here between 2015 – 2020. We were sad to see her “graduate” from event artist to her therapeutic duties as a BCBA, but we’re thrilled to have her back in her new position in Accessibility and Inclusion!)

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