May 24, 2016 kscope

Alyssa is our one of our face painters in MA She has been with Kaleidoscope since April 2016. She is an aspiring event planner who loves working our Kaleidoscope events as a face painter!

She loves working with children and adults of all ages and creating art work that is unique, colorful, and best of all, WEARABLE right on your face!

When she’s not at work, ¬†Alyssa enjoys crafting, watching Disney movies, and spending time outdoors.



March 6, 2016 kscope

Victoria D is a face painter and balloon twister from Westfield MA and a real-life cartoon character. Tough as a superhero, goofy as a cartoon, and as pretty as a princess, Victoria is one of our most versatile performers. With a background in performing for fun in high school and professionally as a character at Six Flags, Victoria took up face painting and balloon twisting without skipping a beat. Because of this, Victoria is often our go-to for any princesses-and-art combo packages, as well as our main MA mascot character.