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What’s The Difference Between Mascots and Characters?

mascot vs character minnieCartoon character visits are becoming more and more popular for kid’s birthday parties! We have two basic cartoon types to choose from: the mascots and the characters!

Here’s our quick guide to helping you choose the best fit for your party:

Do you want photos to be true-to-cartoons?

Recommendation: Mascot

Mascots can do meet and greets which LOOK IDENTICAL to the cartoons. Our characters dawn makeup and costumes to look like cartoons, but are still people instead of mice or bunnies or other animals.

Do you want your cartoon to play games with the kids?

Recommendation: Character

The mascots can’t speak, so they can’t do stories or games with the guests. This is the main reason we have face characters, even if they don’t look as much like the cartoons.

Do you have a lot of kids you want to quickly meet-and-greet the character?mascot vs character images

Recommendation: Mascot

For huge lines, mascots are great for quick photos since their interactions with the kids are limited but they photograph flawlessly.

Do you want the cartoon to do face painting or balloon twisting?

Recommendation: Either

We have two options if you want your character to do creative entertainment for your guests.

1. Characters can come and face paint or balloon twist (or both) while interacting with kids as their cartoon characters. This is the better option for large parties where you don’t have time for multiple activities.

2. Mascots can come and enter the party for a 30min meet-and-greet, leave, then reenter as a not-in-costume face painter or balloon twister. It’s two (or three) separate activities this way.