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What Are Caricatures? (As explained by our CT caricature artists!)

ct-ma-ri-caricature-artist-16“Caricatures are like really fun family photos.” – Sam

Thinking of photo booths? Want to help guests remember an event? Families (or couples, or kids) will keep caricatures for years. Not only is this awesome for businesses who want their grand opening or event to be remembered, but makes for an awesome keepsake at an corporate Christmas / holiday party! Our caricature artists can also create a caricature Photo Booth if you’re looking for a more-entertaining, more unique alternative.

“Caricatures are something everyone has always wanted at amusement parks and festivals, but never got.” – Lauren

Your guests will save our caricatures forever. At our annual Cocokeys New Years Party, we had their guests (a) tell us they came back just for us and (b) email our artists images of their caricatures from the year before that they framed in their living room!

If your business wants to hand out a giant business card your guests will frame in their living room, get caricatures! Our artists will even add your business into the illustration. No problem!

“Caricatures are probably the most fun you’re going to have an event.” – Ottoct-ma-ri-caricature-artist-13

Our caricature artists have big personalities. They try to entertain everyone they can in line by talking about the drawing, cracking jokes, incorporating hobbies into the drawings… it’s just a blast to watch!

Even when we vend caricatures at events, we place the artists so passerbys can watch them draw. The crowd will get huge!

“Caricatures are really awesome when you’re looking for something different for adults or teens.” – Marissa

We specialize in family entertainment, but what about teens and adults? Can you really get a 17 year old excited about anything if their parents are making them go to something? YES! Caricatures are exciting for everyone, and make a for a great memory.