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Vroom Vroom! (Have you seen us around town?)

1544515_10154858703190258_3240177809807859379_nSeen us around town? Kaleidoscope’s car (now called the Clown Car by our artists) is driving around central Connecticut. And you know we were excited to share this photo with everyone!

Kaleidoscope’s commitment to entertaining kids  doesn’t start and stop while we’re at your event. Kaleidoscope’s artists are pretty into their jobs. If you’ve talked to Marissa on the phone and you’ve wondered what we do during the week, the answer is: a ton of (really fun) work!

To celebrate the maiden voyage (month?) of the Clown Car, we figured we’d send you a few photos of what our artists are like when we’re not at your parties.

From left to right below:

Princesses Nicole and Tricia do karaoke together at a Kaleidoscope staff party. (No kidding! They would LOVE to singalong with the littles at your next princess or toddler party. They love their jobs!)

The kaleidoscope office. Yes, we are really this rainbow in real life.

Princess Jessica and our owner Marissa went out to for Marissa’s birthday this year to scope out the entertainment at Six Flags. Like a really fun spy adventure! We’re always looking for new ideas and ways to improve, so we’re constantly visiting every park, children’s store, and event we can.

Kaleidoscope’s office dogs Olive and Macaroni. They’re the quality control.

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