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Unique Branding Solutions for Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas (Updated 2020)

Updated May 26, 2020

Kaleidoscope specializes in corporate family entertainment. What exactly does that mean? For some corporate functions, it means coming to their family events year after year for lots of fun activities. But for many of our corporate clients, it means meshing in event entertainment with their brand and event goals to create a unique and memorable client experience.


ct-ma-ri-caricture-artist-sam-5Dunkin – Business Cards They Frame (2020)

A new Dunkin Donuts franchise threw a grand opening in CT and their main goal was to make commuters remember they were there!

  • We did caricatures for families which kept them waiting in line while Dunkin employees treated them to free donuts and coffee
  • Our caricature artists asked each kid what their favorite type of donut was, and drew it into the picture!
  • We wrote in the street and town of that Dunkin into each caricature, making it a business card they would frame!

IMG_4346-webBarnes & Nobles – Princess Story Time (2016)

As book stores struggle to compete with, many are switching to a new business model that turns a bookstore into more of a gathering-space than just a shop. So Barnes & Nobles brought in princesses for story time in their kids section to push (1) the idea of a bookstore as an experience and (2) princess products off shelves!

  • Princesses read from books that B&N was pushing that month
  • When you  bought any book, the princesses would autograph it for an extra-special memory. (Even without book purchase, story time was free.)
  • All photos were also taken in front of Barnes & Nobles signs, allowing their logo to be spread on social media.

alex-and-ani-ocean-peoples-festival-japan-1Alex & Ani – Fun to the Core (Symbols) (2016)

When Alex + Ani comes to mind, cheap face paint (or bright colors, or kids) don’t generally come to mind. But Alex + Ani set up a whole area at the Providence Water/Fire Festival to meet new clients, sell jewelry, and entertain. Our artists set up a face-painting station to both entertain kids and pull in moms (a target market for the brand).

  • All of our designs had to be based on the Alex + Ani core symbols, and only in black/white with a silver/gold background
  • We chatted about Alex + Ani with every client in our seat, what their symbol meant, and if they owned any of the jewelry
  • Our artists were specifically selected to match their brand: young women in their 20-30’s dressed professionally/”artsy”

8506_533227236734140_336509497_nBaskin Robbins – Just Plain Fun (2014)

Not looking for anything too specific? Baskin Robbins bought us in for a family-fun day with one goal in mind: just have fun! We still made all of our face painting perfect for them with that goal.

  • We adjusted the speed of the designs depending on the fluctuation of kids. Less kids meant cooler designs; a long line meant being speedy!
  • We still wore their brand colors (pink and blue) to keep the spot light on them!

unnamed-1Komen Foundation – Pink Paint Everywhere! (2013)

For a Komen Foundation Fundraiser in Blue Back Square, we created faster versions of our normal face painting designs free to any families visiting their event with two big differences:

  • We sped up all of our popular designs so we could move more kids through our line and bring in more donations for the Komen Foundation
  • All of our designers were PINK! Even the boy designs! Pink cheetahs, super heroes, kittens, butterflies, and even zombies!

This way we could make sure the “free face painting” was as exciting as advertised to all kids, but still fulfilled their vision for the event.

img_4729BOOMCHIKAPOP – Fun POP-art! (2013)

This fun, colorful popcorn company was setting up in grocery stores throughout the area and our job was to come in and create designs that both represented their band and engaged families while BOOMCHIKAPOP’s sales team worked their magic with potential new clients.

  • Each balloon twisting design had to be brand-colors ONLY, and could ONLY be wearable flower designs which reflected the shape of their product: popcorn!
  • Guests were happy with the free balloons, and not discouraged at all by the lack of colors or choices.
  • Our artists had to wear BOOMCHIKAPOP staff uniforms and work with the staff to engage clients and sell their brand
  • Many times we won’t hand out our own cards (by request) so we don’t distract from what we’re there to sell: YOUR brand!