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Alternative Super Hero Party Entertainment Ideas (Updated 2020)

Updated May 26, 2020

Super Hero parties have been one of the most popular party themes of the last few years for any age or gender. That’s why we offer them as characters to come by and visit at your party!

However, there are a lot of reasons why entertainment companies or clients might want alternative activities:

  • Costumes can get expensive–especially screen-quality fiberglass ones, making them out of the budget of most birthday parties
  • Kids interact with heroes the ways they’ve seen them interacted with. (Which, unfortunately, may mean that some children with behavioral problems may try to fight the heroes, or children on the spectrum may be afraid of them.)
  • Costumes that involve masks make it hard to interact with children in the same way our princesses do.
  • Talent is hard to maintain, even with good pay and a love for the job, since an actor who only plays 1 or 2 specific characters may only be needed a few times a month, making it feel like an unreliable job.

So, if you’re looking into non-character alternatives, we’ve put together a super-fun package for any super hero party: Build Your Own Hero!

For the same budget as sending in a super hero (if not less) we have a special package for all of our favorite little heroes and villains:

  • Customized hero masks for all of the kids. Our face painters will ask boys and girls what their favorite super hero color is, what their super powers are, and what their name is. They will create a custom face painting designs for Super Ryan, Super Ashlyn, or Super-Anyone!
  • Our balloon twister will come up with super hero balloon twisting designs for every guest. Wearable bracelets, headbands, superhero toys, and even super weapons. We have tons of designs to accessorize your super guests!
  • Our caricature artist will draw them saving the day–from saving their pet cat from a tree to flying over the city you live in, this keepsake is better than a gift bag and adds a ton to your theme!
  • You can upgrade your artist to be one of our super heroes for only a little more! We have about a dozen male and female heroes to choose from.

Request your super hero party quote today! We’d love to help make your super hero party theme stellar!