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Introducing Magic by Mike!

Resident magician Magic Mike has been making jaws drop all around New Hampshire and Massachusetts with his magic shows at birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and everywhere in between!

Here are a few things to know when booking your magician:

Do you want a strolling magician or a magic show?

Strolling magic is great for events where there’s a lot going on. Mike can engage people one-on-one or in small groups throughout the night to really convert non-believers! Mike’s shows are great for groups of people or for settling down a bunch of rowdy kids.

Is the magic for kids, adults, or both?nh-mike-headshots1

Scroll down to see videos of a few tricks, but Mike can do it all! For kids, Mike’s tricks are more visual and colorful to hold short attention spans. For adults, Mike switches it up to swipe their money, grab their watches, and do some up-close danger illusions to shock! Just let us know what audience to expect so he can prepare the best experience for them.

Do you want grand illusion magic or up-close magician?

All of Mike’s magic is up-close in that his props are primarily every day things–balls, cards, ropes, pieces of candy, or anything else you could have lying around! The primary reason for this is because, as a company focusing on serving small businesses and private parities, this brings down the cost of our services significantly. Grand Illusion (think Las Vegas) involves large, expensive props that need to be custom made, transported, and set up. While that might be the better choice for events with grand budgets, it’s almost always out of the price range of our clients.

So how much does it cost?

All of our party packages are customized depending on the day, time, location, number of guests, length, special requests, and more. For the most part, magic shows in CT are only slightly more expensive than balloon twisting or face painting, but not by much. Birthday party magic shows tend to average about $350 and larger event magic averages $400, although please know that we do have a very wide range of prices. Email us at to get a few exact-price options for your party.

 What ages are magic shows good for?

Magic shows can enthrall people of all ages, but general kids over 4 years old can interact with magicians a little better. For kids under 4, we recommend our toddler package, balloon twisting, or princess parties.

Where does your the Magician travel?

Mike travels throughout NH, MA, RI, and CT.

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Check out some sample tricks–but no spoilers here. We’re saving the REALLY good stuff for your event!

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