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HUGE EVENT? Grab-and-Go or Stay-for-the-Pro!

If you’re having a huge event (read: more than 100 guests looking for entertainment) Kaleidoscope has a few ways we can speed up your lines!

Let your guests grab-and-go a fast design, or stay-for-the-pro if they’re willing to wait!

Just hire two or four artists (depending on your event size): one to crank out tiny designs for wiggly toddlers or on-the-go parents, and a second to take their time on more elaborate designs.

Balloon Twisting

  • Grab-and-go designs include one-balloon-dogs, wristbands, swords, and flowers.
  • Stay-for-the-pro designs include dozens of options!

Face painting

  • Grab-and-go designs include all of our speedy faces
  • Stay-for-the-pro designs include full-face options of whatever they want!