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Let Us Bring Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust to Your Next Event!

After traveling all the way from the second star to the right and then traveling straight till morning, fairies have arrived at Kaleidoscope Art & Entertainment. Dressed up in fun and dreamlike dresses fairies will sure be a hit at your next fairy themed event. Just like all our princesses, our fairies are all trained in either child care or the performing arts. Plus, our fairies have received further fairy training, teaching them how to flutter just the perfect way and how to use pixie dust properly in order to make sure your fairy party is perfect.

Fairy parties are an hour and a half and run quite similar to princess parties and include both songs and storytelling.

  • Fairies will arrive at the party. When the fairy or fairies flutter in it can either be a surprise, or the birthday child can be aware of the arrival.
  • The fairy will introduce herself to the party and begin to tell her magical interactive story. Next the fairy will continue to spread cheer by singing a song.
  • Our fairies have learned plenty of fairy-themed games while gaining their wings and will show the kids just how the games are played at your fairy party.
  • Everyone knows that a fairy’s two favorite things are pixie dust and glitter! Our fairy’s would love to glitter tattoo all of the guests and the birthday child.
  • After seeing your child having so much fun with the fairy or fairies, you’ll want to document this fairy party for them forever. We’d love to take a few pictures together!
  • When it’s finally time for the cake the fairy will pass around fairy dust to every guest so that everyone can make a special wish. Then your fairy will use her magical powers to turn your birthday child into a honorary fairy for the day.

Here at Kaleidoscope Art & Entertainment we realize that every birthday child is special, and needs a party tailored to their needs so we’ve made a lot of options available for fairy parties. However, fairy parties can be even more customized to ensure that your event is one of a kind.

  1. Toddlers love fairies and our fairies love toddlers! Our fairies are trained on how to tailor birthday parties for children aged one to four. From age-appropriate games and giant bubbles, fairies packages are a great idea for any toddler birthday.
  2. Every fairy is trained in face painting and balloon twisting. Adding on balloon twisting or face painting to any fairy party package is super easy.
  3. Balloon twisters and face painters can come in a fairy costume for a slightly additional fee and will only face paint and/or balloon twist. This option is great for older children’s fairy themed parties.
  4. Fairies can be added on to any other package in CT, MA, RI, NH.